By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 02, 2020 at 5:36 PM

There are many questions surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks going into next season – heck, we don't even know when next season is starting yet – but we may have gotten one small mystery solved: what they'll look like, as a sneak peek at the team's new City Edition alternate uniforms leaked online over the weekend. And if it's the real deal, then it appears like the Bucks are pulling out all the stops to make Milwaukee feel like home for Giannis.

First posted on Twitter by Camisas da NBA and then reported by sports logo scoop expert Chris Creamer, the alleged new City Edition jerseys appear to go all in on Greece, rolling out an all-blue look complete with the Bucks' blocky font in white and what appears to be a marble texture inside the numbers. 

The look obviously hasn't been confirmed yet – it's not even the entire uniform – but thus far this offseason, Camisas da NBA has been a fountain of NBA jersey leaks, almost all shown to be accurate. Plus, Chris Creamer is one of the most trusted and reliable names in uniform and logo news, so if he trusts the leak enough to post it, it's almost certainly genuine. 

If it is indeed the real deal, it's yet another bold, new look from the Bucks's City Edition collection of uniforms – including the divisive MECCA-inspired set from 2018-19 and last year's proudly "Cream City" alternate look. It's a bright departure from the Bucks' usual key set of green, white, black and cream center colors, and while the beamingly yellow MECCA jerseys were also far from the team's typical look, it was based on the city and the team's history as opposed to this look, which appears to be a tribute to Greece.

That being said, blue has always been a part of the Bucks' modern color scheme, even if used mostly as just an accent or pop of color. It was only a matter of time, though, before it took center stage. The fact that it's being used in a homage to Giannis' heritage makes it slightly more clever than expected (and potentially very savvy if a personal touch like this can convince him to stay put in Milwaukee after his current deal runs out at the end of the season).

We have much more to see – what the shorts and side panels look like, how that marble pattern plays in action, how it looks as an actual jersey and not just a t-shirt; but at first glance, I like this clean and fresh look. It's certainly better that the New York Knicks' new alternate.

How and why would you mess that up? See, this is why you didn't get Durant or Irving. 

As for what this means for last season's Cream City uniform, we'll find out. The Bucks rolled with four uniforms last year – the white "Association" jersey (aka home), the green "Icon" jersey (aka road), the "Fear the Deer" black alternate and the Cream City edition – and it's fair to assume the first three will stay the same. (The team just debuted the renovated black outfits last year.) This would assumably take the place of the Cream City set; but some teams – like Toronto – have five looks this year, so maybe it'll stay on as another alt. Or maybe they have something else plannned for a potential bonus uniform. Several teams, after all, have introduced throwbacks for the upcoming season, so maybe hopes for the '90s purple and green aren't entirely dashed just yet? 

Stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for a better look at the Bucks' new jerseys when they become official, hopefully sometime later this month. In the meantime, vote!

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