By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 21, 2021 at 7:01 PM Photography: Dan Garcia

In case the Bucks' NBA Finals victory on Tuesday night wasn't delicious enough, Milwaukee's historic win will come with a side of free tacos from Taco Bell tomorrow.

The fast food giant ran a nationwide promotional campaign during the NBA Finals, offering a free Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Taco – yes, the Taco Bell taco with the Doritos-dusted shell – to all of America if either the Bucks or Phoenix Suns came back to win a game after a halftime deficit. And while Milwaukee fans may not have appreciated the Suns' five-point lead at the time last night, their Giannis-led second-half comeback and eventual 105-98 victory earned the team not only its first championship in half a century, but also earned everyone around the country one free taco. 

Taco Bell will dish out the crunchy lunches all day long on Thursday, July 22 – whether you prefer to snag the snack in-store, through the drive-thru, online or via the app. For more details on the terms and conditions on the free taco deal, visit Taco Bell's website.  

It'll make the perfect pre- or post-parade meal tomorrow – especially washed down with a free Coors Light courtesy of Milwaukee's big win. So we'll see you all at Taco Bell. Maybe you'll even see a Milwaukee Buck nabbing a very well-earned free taco – though probably not Giannis. He seems to prefer a different fast food fix

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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