By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 08, 2022 at 5:16 PM

With the second-best record in the NBA – including another win last night against the Kings – the Milwaukee Bucks look good. And so will Bucks fans thanks to a fresh trio of custom-designed giveaway hats, whose player-created looks were revealed today. 

Vin Baker Bucks hatX

The first cap – the fan giveaway for Milwaukee's home spat against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday, Jan. 6 – comes designed by former Bucks player and current assistant coach Vin Baker. The front of the hat features Milwaukee's alternate antler crest logo from their purple-and-green look in the late '90s and early 2000s – currently used as a throwback uniform – with Baker's number 42 in the middle. On one side of the hat is the Bucks' old deer logo in the between the numbers 93 and 97 – in tribute to Baker's years with the team – while the other features a gold whistle along with a whiteboard that says "Baby Food." The whistle is a tribute to 2021's championship team while the "Baby Food" line is apparently a coaching slogan Baker regularly uses. 

Jrue Holiday Bucks hatX

The second hat – headed fans' way on Saturday, Feb. 4 against the Miami Heat – comes designed by Jrue Holiday, a blue cap featuring the current Bucks state logo with the patchwork mural pattern from the new City Edition alternate uniforms inside. The patchwork star is on the back of the hat, while one side features two gold circles with the numbers 12 and 21 inside as well as three stars underneath – a tribute to the three Olympic gold medals won by Jrue and Lauren Holiday on the basketball court and soccer field, respectively. The underside of the black brim also features a shoutout to Milwaukee-based Black-owned businesses.

Brook Lopez Bucks hatX

The last – but certainly not least – of the caps comes designed by Brook Lopez and comes complete with a brand new logo. The black and blue hat spotlights a "Splash Mountain" logo, featuring the old-school cartoon Bango on a log flume heading down a rush of water. They're all cool designs – but this one's truly a slam dunk, really running with the unique personality-designed concept and coming up with something new, clever and creative. That hat's coming fans' way at the home game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, March 22 – though, if the team's smart, that won't be the last time we see that logo on some Bucks gear. 

Each cap will be given away to the first 14,000 fans at their respective home games. For more information on the games, the giveaways and tickets, visit the Bucks' website – and for the rest of the Bucks' giveaway and theme nights for the season, click here

And here's to these winning off-the-court looks – and to the Bucks continuing their winning on-the-court ways!

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