By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 11, 2022 at 12:26 PM

Bucks fans got a sneak peak back in February, but the team made it official today: Milwaukee's kicking it back to the turn of the millennium with its latest alternate uniform, bringing back purple as a throwback look for the 2022-23 season. 

The new uniforms are the Bucks' Classic Edition alternates, one of the team's five jerseys slated for the upcoming season. The look brings back the purple and green color scheme Milwaukee wore during the late '90s and early 2000s made popular by the successful (if all-too-brief) Ray Allen/Glenn Robinson era.

Bucks purple alternatesX

The new version appears to come slightly streamlined, eliminating the green paneling off the sides save for on the shorts (which come complete with the period-accurate Bucks logo). Save for that, the names on the back and the ad logos on the front, though, it looks like a pretty much note-for-note return of the retro uniform. 

The throwback look may not be the most controversial jersey the Bucks have revealed in recent years (take a bow, MECCA-inspired alternate from several seasons ago) – but fans' mileage may likely vary on this new addition to the team closet. The jersey itself is very simple and clean – they didn't mess up bringing the look back. It all depends on how if you have any prior fondness for the Y2K-era uniform. If you grew up with this era of the Bucks – the team's most successful modern run save for obviously the 2020-21 championship – you probably love the nostalgia of seeing the purple come back. And if you hated that very untraditional look back then, well, you'll hate it now – especially since purple is nowhere to be found anywhere else in the Bucks' current set. 

The purple throwback alternate is now the team's fourth of five jerseys lined up for the 2022-23 season – including the classic home white look (the "Association Edition" uniform), road greens (the "Icon Edition" uniform) and newly revamped black "Fear the Deer" Statement Edition outfit. The fifth jersey – the "City Edition" uniform, which in past seasons included the Cream City alternate, the blue water-inspired alternate, the MECCA alternate and last year's multi-throwback look – has yet to be officially revealed, though the February leak hinted at another blue jersey

Bucks 2022-23 uniformsX

The Bucks have yet to announced when these uniforms will make their on-court debut, but expect to see these alternates a handful of times throughout the season. And as for when you can get your hands on these throwbacks, fans can pre-order jerseys at the Bucks' pro shop website. A full retro-inspired collection of merch is expected as well, available at a later date. 

With the last alternate jersey yet to be (formally) revealed and the NBA regular season schedule still a mystery, stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for more Bucks updates. 

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