By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 22, 2021 at 5:46 PM Photography: Dan Garcia

For first time in 50 years ... actually, since those Bucks never received a parade, that doesn't apply here. For the first time in history, the NBA champion (!) Milwaukee Bucks received a victory parade, drinking and weaving and drinking some more through the streets of Downtown before arriving at Deer District for a proper staged NBA Finals celebration (and even more drinking). All the while, Bucks fans from near and far cheered the team along their path ... and tossed them a few bonus celebratory beers from the sidewalk.

It was messy. It was loud. It was hot and sweaty. And it was utterly and completely glorious, an ecstatic rejoicing half a century in the making. Let's do this again, Milwaukee – and not with a 50-year wait next time – and let's keep soaking in one of the greatest days in Brew City history with these blissful images.

1. Counting our Kohl's cash

Crowd at victory parade
PHOTO: Andy Tarnoff

The Suns may have been eliminated, but the spirit of Counting Hundreds Bro lives on – albeit with a far better twist. 

2. Early weekend starts now

Bucks victory parade
PHOTO: Andy Tarnoff

Your secret's safe with us.

3. Leader of the herd

PHOTO: Dan Garcia

We found something we love watching Bango do even more than acrobatic slam dunks: leading a victory parade. 

4. The prophet

Brandon Jennings
PHOTO: Dan Garcia

Brandon Jennings continued preaching the gospel of #BucksInSix during Thursday's parade – and the word was good, indeed. 

5. Bud knows best

Coach Budenholzer
PHOTO: Dan Garcia

For much of the past season, Coach Mike Budenholzer was on the hot seat. On Thursday afternoon, he was in a seat at the front of a victory parade. 

6. P.J. and champagne: a love story (part one)

PJ Tucker
PHOTO: Dan Garcia

Bucks fans got used to watching P.J. Tucker sloppily chug champagne throughout the day's celebrations – and they also never got tired of it. Considering the defense he played on the likes of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and more this past playoff run, he earned every drop. 

7. Drink up, Donte

Donte DiVincenzo may have had to sit for most of the playoffs due to a tendon injury, but he looked pretty spry and active on Thursday afternoon, snagging beverages out of the air and swigging them down with the Bucks faithful. 

8. Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!

Bobby Portis
PHOTO: Dan Garcia

The future mayor of Milwaukee apparently claimed another title before the parade: WWE champion. No, it's not just a rinky-dink fake; like Bobby Portis' off-the-bench impact, it's the real deal.

9. Meet the guest of honor

PHOTO: Dan Garcia

Finals MVP Giannis showed off the guest of honor at the Bucks' celebration parade: the Larry O'Brien trophy. He's only been in town for a few days, but we already think he fits right in here in Milwaukee. 

10. His proper title – returned

When Giannis won his first MVP honor back in 2019, he told Milwaukee fans not to call him MVP until he was a champion. Well, now he's a champion, so Milwaukee fans greeted him with his proper, twice-well-earned title. 

11. Take all the time you need now 

His form certainly looks good to us. Here's to Giannis recreating his 17-for-19 performance from the charity stripe even more in the future. 

12. P.J., now cheating on champagne with beer

P.J.'s drink of choice on Thursday afternoon may have been champagne, but when you win a title for Brew City, you gotta chug a beer too. 

13. Looking good, Milwaukee

Brew City's been one of the most glorious sights throughout the postseason thanks to the wild scenes at Deer District – and we didn't quit on Thursday afternoon, filing the sides of Downtown's streets by the thousands and throwing an incredible party 50 years in the making.

14. The human victory formation got to the victory parade

Thanasis didn't let being in health and safety protocols stop him from celebrating the greatest achievement in his professional career. Instead, for the stage portion of the day, Thanasis made his grand entrance from the safe distance of his Jeep – and will all of the chaotic, joyful and contagious energy you'd expect from him. 

15. Leader of the pack

The Bucks were a very good team before P.J. Tucker arrived midway through the season from Houston – but with the vet's additional toughness, grit and – yes – doggedness, Milwaukee became a champion. We'd love to see him back in cream and green next season ... 

16. P.J. and champagne: a love story (part two)

Milwaukee will always be Brew City – but this week, we may just have to call ourselves Bubbly City thanks to P.J. Tucker and his ravenous celebrations on Thursday. Pat Connaughton and Bobby Portis would be proud.

17. Dreams of streamers

Those streamers are so lucky to be graced by Giannis' shoulders. Truly some blessed party decor. 

18. The king

Between the Giannis block, that viral image of the team picking the Greek Freak up off the floor and now this gorgeous image, the Bucks have their pick of future statues outside Fiserv Forum.

See more great photos of the Bucks parade here.

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