By Julie Lawrence Special to Published Jul 06, 2006 at 9:20 PM
Leave it to Call Me Lighting to get me to start longing for winter during the peak of a rare Milwaukee heat wave.

OK, perhaps "longing" is a bit of an overshoot, but that doesn't change the fact that Bill Kutsch (bass), Shane Hochstetler (drums) and Nathan Lilley (guitar, vocals), better known as the trio of force Call Me Lightning, have given us a taste of what greatness is to come and now we want more.

Apparently, Call Me Lightning has been recently signed to Frenchkiss Records out of New York City and says that its second full-length album is slated for a painfully far away release date of January 2007.


After Thursday's Summerfest appearance, the otherwise miserable month of January can't come fast enough. Like any other CML performance, it was energetic and entertaining, although it felt mildly strange to watch a band who rants and waxes about ghosts and creepy shadows in the night during a perfectly sunny afternoon. Regardless, the regular slew of loyal fans soaked it all up -- especially Nathan's random shaking of his pink cowbell -- like the hot rays of the evening sunset while the rest of the crowd, mostly young kids jockeying for prime position for the 10 p.m. arrival of The Fray, stared at the stage like deer in headlights.

Although it was fun to hear my faves from 2004's "The Trouble We're In" -- "We Are Dragons" and "Pizza Party," the band pressed on with numerous newbies, all of which sounded amazing, which only further emphasized the anticipation of the new album.

But in the mean time, alas, there are two new demos -- "Billion Eyes" and "Shadow Twin" -- on the band's Myspace page. I recommend visiting daily until the lyrics are familiar enough to shout at the next show, which is next Thursday, July 13 at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago with another fantastic band called Tornavalanche.
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