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"Bar Month" at is back for another round! The whole month of February, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun bars and club articles -- including guides, bartender profiles, drink recipes and even a little Brew City bar history. Cheers!

Think of the most common questions asked in the Milwaukee area:

Is it snowing again? How are the roads? Do you think Favre will come back for another year? Cod or perch?

And, the eternal all-time favorite, delivered by friendly mixologists from Bayshore to Bay View to Bristol and everywhere between:

What will you have?

If you've ever tended bar, or stood in line behind indecisive customers, you know that can be a stumper. We asked a number of notable Milwaukeeans which spirits put them in a festive spirit. (Editor's note: All cocktails should be imbibed safely, legally and with proper allowances for transportation).

There answers are listed below. Feel free to use the Talkback feature to announce yours.

Milwaukee, what is your favorite cocktail?

Kevin Brandt
Sidekick/wise guy, "Dave and Carole in the Morning," 96.5 WKLH
"I like Grey Goose and water. It's smooth and refreshing. I also appreciate a fine Malbec and an ice cold Zima. I think of it as a ‘power trio.'"

Carole Caine
Co-host, "Dave and Carole in the Morning," 96.5 WKLH

"I'm more of a martini kind of gal. I like Bombay sapphire shaken and straight up with a couple of olives. I also like Stoli on the rocks, a little dirty with a couple of olives. For beer, I know this is going to sound like a homer, but I always have loved a cold Miller High Life. For wine, any "two-buck chuck."

Frank Caliendo

"Frank only drinks Diet Coke. (He doesn't drink alcohol)." -- Terry Caliendo, Frank's Webmaster.

Katrina Cravy
News anchor, Fox 6 Milwaukee
"In my refrigerator, right next to my son's apple juice, is my margarita
mix. Is that wrong? The shorter version: margarita on the rocks with salt."

Jon Greenberg
President, Milwaukee Admirals

"I like Absolut and cranberry and any Miller product."

Michael Hart
Milwaukee defense attorney
"Patron silver in a tub on the rocks with an orange wedge. Three a day keeps the good doctor away."

John Jagler
Host, "Wisconsin's Morning News" on 620 WTMJ

"I'm a beer man all the way. As for what kind, it depends on the mission. One beer? I'll take a Sam Adams. It's Friday and I want to tear my head off? Miller Lite. With cocktails, I would say Tanqueray and tonic.

Eric Jensen
Producer, "Bob and Brian in the Morning," 102.9 The Hog

"Leinie's. Before, during and after fishing."

Mary Karlzen

"My go-to beverage would be a hand-made brandy old-fashioned sweet. It has to be made from scratch, muddled fruit, bitters and all, and none of that old-fashioned mix that tastes like dog spit. Please don't ask me how I know what dog spit tastes like."

Nicole Koglin
Anchor, "Fox 6 Wakeup"

"My favorite drink is kind of boring -- an ice cold bottle of beer-- specifically, Amstel Light."

Brian Kramp
Host, "Kramp and Adler," WLUM 102.1
"It depends on the season. Winter: Blue Moon. Spring: Screwdriver. Summer: Vodka Lemonade. Fall: Vodka Red Bull.

"I guess you could say vodka. Pretty basic stuff."

Jen Lada
Reporter/anchor Fox 6 sports

"I think more than the beverage, it's the person making the cocktail. So, I included the dudes behind the drinks, which makes all the difference in the world!

"Ben at the Wicked Hop makes the best Bloody Mary's. I'll frequently break tradition and order one when I'm done with work and he never gives me a tough time about it being a
‘morning beverage.'"

"When I'm looking to get goofy, I turn to the dirty martini. Chad at Centanni has the recipe down and he always hands over plenty of olives -- just the way I like it!"

Dave Luczak
Host, "Dave and Carole in the Morning," 96.5 WKLH

"Beer ... cold. Wine ... Riesling. Cocktail ... anything mixed with Southern Comfort...

Bob Madden
Host, "Bob and Brian in the Morning," 102.9 The Hog

"I'm a beer man. Spotted Cow. A tasty Miller High Life or whatever the sponsor says I should drink at any given Hog event. If I'm trying to look classy, it's a gin and tonic with a lime twist, but my soul is screaming for a whiskey sour."

Marilynn Mee
Midday host, 96.5 WKLH

"Nothing lifts my spirits like a Mojito! And it's got to be a REAL one -- made with cane sugar and lots of fresh mint mashed with a muddler. A perfect Mojito always reminds me of the first time I ever had one -- it was a hot, steamy night in the winter of '02 at one of my favorite spots on the planet, the Delano Hotel pool bar in South Beach, Florida. If Milwaukee is the Beer Capital of the country, South Beach has got to be the decadence capital!

Bill Michaels
Host, "Sports Central" on 620 WTMJ
"Well that's a loaded question -- literally at times. There's always the standby Seven and Seven. Bud Select will find it's way down my gullet. A good specialty martini, you can't beat. Apple, peppermint or chocolate (I know, foo-foo, but true-true). A good spicy Bloody Mary will cure the dog's hair thing, and a good margarita from La Perla."

Brian Nelson
Host, "Bob and Brian in the Morning," 102.9 The Hog

"Me gusta margaritas! It's the best inebriation experience in my drinking career. When in a coat and tails, I opt for a vodka cranberry.

Ted Perry
News anchor, Fox 6 Milwaukee
They don't call me "Two-drink Teddy" for nothing. I am such a staunch critic of our drunk driving laws that I don't indulge much in public. Having said that, I'll take a Jameson's Irish Whisky on the rocks, or a Vodka Martini with four olives. Neither is very creative, I know, but that's what I'd choose."

Jim Powell
Brewers radio announcer
"Put me down for a glass of Cakebread chardonnay or a well-crafted Bloody Mary."

Brian Ritchie
Violent Femmes bassist

"I do not drink cocktails. I like my liquor straight and I like beer and wine. And I don't hang out in bars very much.

"My idea of a good night of drinking in Milwaukee is to go to The Pfister lobby bar and ask Val to mix me a nice Bombay Sapphire martini, straight up with one olive while listening to Jeffrey Hollander stroking the 88s. Then, I'll wander over to Karl Ratzsch's for duck and goose combination or a schnitzel. During dinner I have a Hacker Pschorr weiss bier and a Kostritzer black. After that, I am ready to settle in for the night. I'll head back to the Shorecrest and have a snifter of Lagavullin Single Malt scotch and smoke a nice Partagas Lusitania while listening to jazz."

Anne E. Schwartz
Public relations manager, Milwaukee Police Department

"My favorite libation is, of course, the Cosmopolitan. Because, after all, I AM Carrie (Bradshaw of "Sex in the City.)"

Jim Stingl
Journal Sentinel columnist

"I like a nice gin and tonic, even in the dead of winter. And I become my father when I order a brandy old-fashioned sour with dinner. With wine, I'll have whatever my wife is having. And Lakefront or another local micro is my first choice of beers; right out of the bottle is best. From this, you'd never guess how little I drink these days."

Steve "The Homer" True
Host, "The World's Greatest Sports Talk Show," Milwaukee's ESPN Radio

"There is only one drink for me: Baileys on the rocks. A chocolate milk."

Carrie Wendt
News anchor, "Bob and Brian in the Morning," 102.9 The Hog

"I could at one time bury the boys shot for shot with Cuervo Gold, but I'm not a tequila snob at all. Now, I mostly stick to wine. When I'm lucky enough to go out, I love to have champagne at Cuvee in the Third Ward. It feels like a private club or a well-kept secret and the bubbly makes me randy!"

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