By Dan Garcia Photographer Published May 30, 2024 at 9:31 AM

The Midwest Princess herself, Chappell Roan, graced The Sylvee in Madison last night, and if you missed it, you missed out on an unforgettable experience. The short I-94 drive from Milwaukee was a small price to pay for an evening that was nothing short of memorable. Chappell Roan’s "Midwest Princess" tour delivered an extraordinary sold-out show that left the audience buzzing with excitement. 

Whether you came from Madison, Milwaukee or anywhere in between, here’s why you should have been there: 

1. A vibrant performance 

Chappell RoanX

Chappell Roan delivered a high-energy show that captivated the audience from start to finish. Her stage presence was magnetic, and she effortlessly engaged the crowd with her dynamic performance style. Every song was a spectacle, with Roan dancing and interacting with fans, making the entire venue feel alive with energy from her opening number “Femininomenon” to the encore performance. Her commitment to delivering an exceptional performance was evident in every movement and note. 

2. "Extended Play" 

Chappell RoanX

Many fans in Milwaukee caught a glimpse of Chappell Roan's talent earlier this year when she opened for Olivia Rodrigo on her "Guts" tour at Fiserv Forum. While her opening act left us wanting more, this headlining show in Madison provided the full Chappell Roan experience. The extended set allowed her to showcase a broader range of her music and personality, offering a much deeper connection and understanding of her artistry for a crowd that was 100% her own. 

3. Inclusive atmosphere 

Chappell RoanX

Roan’s shows are known for their inclusivity and celebration of individuality, specifically with her celebration of drag culture. The Madison concert was no exception, creating a welcoming environment where everyone felt free to express themselves and join in the fun. The sense of community was palpable, with fans of all backgrounds coming together to celebrate music, love and acceptance. 

4. Engaging setlist 

Chappell RoanX

The setlist was a perfect mix of fan favorites and new tracks, ensuring that everyone had a fantastic time. Hits like “Pink Pony Club” and “Hot To Go!” from Roan’s debut LP had the crowd singing along in unison. In total, Roan performed her entire “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess” album, as well as an older track and a brand new one. The extensive curation of songs kept the energy high and the audience engaged throughout the night, creating a seamless flow that made the concert feel like a journey. 

5. The “Hot To Go!” dance 

Chappell RoanX

One of the standout moments of the evening was Roan’s signature "Hot To Go!" dance, where Chappell Roan and her dancers performed a “YMCA”-adjacent routine to her catchy single "Hot To Go!" Inspired by her cheerleader fantasies, the dance moves were infectiously fun, captivating the audience and adding an extra layer of excitement to the performance. It was a highlight that had everyone dancing along and feeling the energy. 

6. Unmatched energy 

Chappell RoanX

The energy in The Sylvee was electric last night. Roan’s ability to maintain such high levels of energy and enthusiasm throughout the concert was impressive and kept the audience engaged and entertained all night. She's only one album into her career, yet she has the stage presence of a seasoned veteran. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, making it impossible for anyone to stand still. Roan's infectious energy spread through the crowd, creating a collective experience of pure joy. 

7. Fan interaction 

Chappell Roan fansX

Roan made sure to interact with the audience frequently, making fans feel like a part of the show. Her genuine appreciation for her fans was evident and added a personal touch to the evening. Whether it was reaching out to touch hands or sharing anecdotes between songs, these interactions made the concert feel intimate and personal, despite the large crowd. 

8. The venue 

The SylveeX

The Sylvee provided an ideal setting for the concert with its excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere. It allowed for a close-up experience that larger venues simply can’t offer. The sound quality was impeccable, and the layout of the venue ensured that everyone in the sold-out crowd had a great view. This created a more personal and engaging experience for attendees, making them feel even more connected to the performance. To sell out The Sylvee is no small feat, but with Roan’s star on the rise, the venues are only going to get bigger with her next tour.