By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 06, 2017 at 2:30 PM Photography: Bobby Tanzilo

There's a lot of great fried chicken in this town, and we're out to find the absolute best. In the second round of two planned fried chicken challenges, we pit Champion Chicken, 8718 W. Lisbon Ave., against Gold Rush, 2625 W. North Ave.

This one turned out to be no real challenge at all, with Gold Rush the unanimous victor.

Check out the results of round one – Nino's Southern Sides versus TomKen's – here.

Lori Fredrich
Senior writer/food & dining
Pick: Gold Rush

I have many fond memories of dining out at Champion Chicken as a child, the fondest of which include tucking myself inside the somehow magical corner booth and pretending I was somehow in another place and time. We always ordered both fried chicken and pizza, both of which my siblings and I thought were some of the best ever. As an adult, I can still wax nostalgic about the taste of that chicken, but when the final die is cast, Gold Rush wins the day. The chicken – which is served piping hot, fresh from the fryer – features both a crisp and flavorful exterior and a moist salt-laced interior that screams "delicious" from the first bite to the last.

Carolynn Buser 
Content & Social Media Manager
Pick: Gold Rush

I've never one to frown on fried chicken, but somehow I've become a bit picky – maybe this chicken challenge is not only adding to my waistline but also to my opinions! Champion's chicken, though served piping hot and quite deliciously crispy, didn't have the flavor that Gold Rush's did. Gold Rush's chicken was hands down the winner for me with its juicy, tender chicken that had what could be one of the best batters yet. P.S. Did I mention they deliver? Danger ahead! 

Molly Snyder
Senior Writer
Pick: Gold Rush

Another vote for Gold Rush here. The fried exterior makes or breaks a chicken experience for me and the crispy, flavorful skin on Gold Rush's chicken was some of the best I've ever had. The chicken itself was very moist and "fall off the bone" tender. I can't believe I have driven by Gold Rush a zillion times in my life and this was the first time I stopped in to eat. I will definitely return.

Bobby Tanzilo
Managing editor
Pick: Gold Rush

There's no denying that Champion Chicken has got a lot going for it, from a down-home dining room to tasty custard to, well, a truck with a giant hen roosting on top. But when it comes to fried chicken, Gold Rush strikes a vein, with super crispy skin cracking open to reveal tasty and juicy chicken beneath. When it comes to the sides, I'd say the playing field is pretty level, but this is a chicken challenge, friends, and Gold Rush is 24-karat goodness.

Matt Mueller
Pop culture editor
Pick: Gold Rush

When it comes to this contest, there is no contest. This isn't to say Champion Chicken is bad at all. Their fried chicken is still tender and juicy with plenty of meat on each piece, and it has a delectable crispy skin that made me more than happy to dig in. But everything I like at Champion in terms of the chicken, Gold Rush simply does better. The exterior has even more of an addictively crunchy texture, there's even more meat on each piece, and it's incredibly juicy and tender. The big deciding point, however, is the flavor, where Champion falls a little short while Gold Rush has plenty with each meaty bite. The only real problem I can think of concerning Gold Rush's chicken is that I'm not eating it right now.