By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 28, 2020 at 5:16 PM

Whether it's Disney, "Seinfeld," Harry Potter, "Star Wars," "Friends" or, as we speak, "Tiger King," City Lounge is always dressing up in costume, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that they'd get into the Halloween spirit – including this year with a newly announced spooky pop-up bar. 

Coming Oct. 9 through Nov. 7, the Cudahy bar will terrifyingly transform into "A Nightmare on Layton Ave." City Lounge announced the new pop-up experience with a short preview video posted on the bar's Facebook page.

As with all of City Lounge's pop-up bars, expect elaborate and often taxingly hand-crafted photo ops themed and inspired by your favorite scary horror classics (can't help but think the name of the pop-up is a bit of a clue to at least one eerie inspiration you'll find inside) as well as a menu of themed creepy cocktails. As always, wallets need not be afraid as there is no cover charge to enter, but all guests must be 21 and over. And we can only assume that, as a Halloween pop-up, costumes will be encouraged. 

And for those who find being indoors with strangers during a pandemic the biggest scare of all, City Lounge's pop-up also plans to have its outdoor bar themed and open when weather allows. 

Stay tuned to City Lounge's Facebook page for more updates. In the meantime, better get thinking of your costume. May we recommend going as Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises"? It involves being safe and wearing a mask PLUS you get to talk in a funny voice all night! 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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