By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Sep 18, 2020 at 7:41 AM

IGet more stories about how we're #InThisTogetherMKE.

These can be stressful, overwhelming times, and we want to help – so to start your day with a smile, we're going to post five funny viral videos and memes every morning. Because there's no better time for a good laugh than during bad times, and we believe in starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.

Enjoy – then be safe, be smart and be healthy. We're in this together.

1. Good try, good effort

Here's live footage of me, every day, trying to accomplish something and thinking I'll be productive during a worldwide pandemic.

It's also just footage of me trying to do any physical activity, ever. Including tetherball. 

2. Awwww-ha

I want a dog to start a jam band with. I mean, I have a dog, but everytime I try to teach him how to play the drums, he's not even able to pick up the sticks because of a lack of opposable thumbs. Where's his commitment to the band?

3. Who even needs a mattress?

This cat is living the dream: falling asleep on a bed of Cheetos. I mean, I'm more of a Doritos man myself, but with all those sharp corners, Cheetos is defintely the snack food mattress of choice.

4. Ruff rivalry

Here's a pupper who has had quite enough of all the love her soulless, lifeless twin is gettting – and fair enough!

I too would be annoyed if my parents started focusing all their attention and affection on a cardboard cutout of myself. Like, I get it, the cutout doesn't cost money or eat all of your snacks, but it's also A LIE. 

5. The music of fists

The man just made a song out of a speed bag. I, meanwhile, can't punch one of those things without getting hit in the face in return and losing TKO to a bag of air. 

If we could somehow combine this man with the base drum dog from above, we could create the world's greatest drummer. 

Bonus breather

To help you cope with the rest of your day of social distancing and processing the news, here's a little bonus breathing exercise to calm the nerves and provide a little digital therapy.

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