By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 23, 2020 at 7:36 AM

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These can be stressful, overwhelming times, and we want to help – so to start your day with a smile, we're going to post five funny viral videos and memes every morning. Because there's no better time for a good laugh than during bad times, and we believe in starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.

Enjoy – then be safe, be smart and be healthy. We're in this together.

1. A private screening room

Listen, when they told this kid to social distance, he took them seriously.

Back in my day, we climbed in cabinets because empty cabinets were the only toys we had! Now they've got whole entertainment systems inside cabinets? SPOILED, I TELL YA!

2. From fake clout to real clout

This TIkTok already starts off great by a woman just straight-up laughing in a fake social media influencer's face, which is frankly the exactly reaction all self-proclaimed social media inflencers desesrve, real or fake. But then she REALLY starts cackling about the situation, and I frankly thought my speaker had broken. Nothing can prepare you ... 

3. "The Birds" but real and hilarious

In case a pandemic wasn't enough, apparently the birds are turning against us too – even the funny-looking ones that go honk. 

You can't say you weren't warned.

4. Hefty boy in a half-shell

I've showcased a lot of adorable animals in The Morning Laugh – from dogs to cats to more dogs to Bodega Cats and maybe the occasional moose. But now to show some respect for a new breed of meme-able animal: the tortoise. And not just any tortoise, but a chonky tortoise.

Very annoying that this turtle looks better in jeans than I do. 

5. The daily dog

When you hang out with friends but you gave up alcohol for Sober October. 

I feel your pain, pupper. 

Bonus breather

To help you cope with the rest of your day of social distancing and processing the news, here's a little bonus breathing exercise to calm the nerves and provide a little digital therapy.

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