By Anjl Rodee and Marilynn Mee Special to Published Mar 22, 2008 at 9:36 AM

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Dear Anjl & Marilynn,

I have been invited to visit my friend's family for Easter. Should I bring a gift when I go? Any idea what would be appreciated?

Dear Easter Bunny,

Anjl: Definitely, bring a gift. I think a good go-to would be a nice Easter Lily, or some other flower or plant arrangement.

Marilynn: I agree. For the record, it's referred to as a "hostess gift." Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Easter Lily.

AR: Well, it's less offensive than fur handcuffs, which is my usual go-to hostess gift.

MM: That says a lot about the people you're visiting ... are you going to tell me your boyfriend's parents find this an appropriate hostess gift?

AR: They seemed OK with it. It's on the oven holding the dish towel.

MM: I think of Easter Lilies as the flower you send to someone at a nursing home. There is something sort of depressing about them to me. I'd opt for the potted tulips or daffodils.

AR: Yes, those are very nice spring flowers. What about taking some Easter eggs, designed especially for your friends' family? You could draw little caricatures on them, or write some helpful things to make them better people ...

MM: Because nothing says, "Thanks for the invite" like "Bathe more frequently" scribbled on an egg ...

AR: Isn't Easter a time for personal reflection and repentance? I'm trying to be creative in the spirit of the season.

MM: Yeah, but you don't want them to reflect on whether it was a good idea to invite you into their home. I have a different idea for a good gift. How about a box of really nice chocolates? I like to give a gift that I might get something out of. Suggest that they open it after dinner, and then quickly pick out all the good ones ...

AR: Wouldn't they be more appreciative of an egg that expresses concern for their weight, than chocolate that says "bulk up for spring?"

MM: My aunt always asks me to just bring a box of chocolates. I think she figures it's much safer than anything I might cook.

AR: Wouldn't it be fun to show up a little late for dinner, then announce that you'd just spent the last hour hiding eggs around their yard for a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt? Then watch them search in vain for a while before letting them in on the fact that you were just kidding? Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt.

MM: Or better yet, excuse yourself during dinner and hide eggs all over the inside of the house -- in the dryer, under the furnace, the cat litter box ... It's a gift that can just keep giving all year long.

AR: Brilliant! Can I come to Auntie Ruthie's?

Anjl Rodee and Marilynn Mee Special to

Anjl Rodee is a jack of all things right-brained. After a variety of odd jobs, from singing telegrams to ballroom dance instructor to weekend overnight DJ on Lazer 103, Anjl earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Mary College and settled down to a nice career as an award-winning artist. At night Anjl can be found playing with a variety of local bands. She currently fronts a classic band called Radio Doctors, and plays bass and accordion with her friend Chris Demay.

Marilynn Mee has been a fixture on Milwaukee radio for most of her adult life. After a short stint on WQFM, she joined Lazer 103 at its inception. After several years as a Bob and Brian sidekick, Marilynn became midday host and music director, earning national recognition from the likes of Billboard magazine and Radio & Records. She is currently the midday host on 96.5 WKLH. Marilynn is a well-known animal lover, lending her name and free time to humane societies and animal rescue groups.

Anjl is a mother and grandmother and is in a committed relationship. Marilynn is single and mom to 2.5 dogs and a one-eyed cat. Anjl and Marilynn both hail from the greater Milwaukee area and have been best friends for 20 years.