By Carolynn Buser Editorial & Social Director Published Feb 03, 2014 at 6:17 PM

The Eater returns with another profile and heat map of "eight newish restaurants that have been garnering some serious buzz."  The site focused on Milwaukee in July 2013, but today writer Todd Lazarski comes back to Brew City to discuss what's hot in Milwaukee's dining scene.

Eight of Milwaukee’s newest restaurants made the list including some of my favorites such as All Purpose (AP), Blue Jacket and Pizza Man.

Pizza Man is once again "new" to some of us, and I can’t get enough of the new space even with how much I still also miss the old one. All Purpose is by far my favorite restaurant in town right now, though I haven’t tried Ardent yet, and I can’t wait to.

Blue Jacket has one of the best cocktail lists in town, and the food to pair perfectly with it.

Black Sheep also made the "Heatmap" and you can watch for a story Wednesday from our Lori Fredrich on their recent menu changes. 

 What other restaurants do you think deserve to be in the "top new" list right now? Check out the others that made Eater’s list here, and happy eating Milwaukee.

Carolynn Buser Editorial & Social Director
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