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Please consult your pediatrician before administering supplements or medications to children.

I thought about praying to the international sleep fairies to ensure my kids would sleep on the plane and not suffer from the "jet lag crabbies" once we landed, but it turns out all we needed was melatonin.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that our brains produce to help regulate sleep and wake cycles. Kids’ melatonin is available in chewable "gummies" or dissolvable tablets. The brand I chose is Superior Source, 3 mg, and it’s an instant dissolvable tablet (Mirco Lingual).

A good friend of mine who has been traveling back and forth to Greece since her now college-aged children were babies swears by it. I can attest it has worked for my family, as well. But I’m not a doctor so please do your own research and consult a physician if you plan to try this.

Prior to our trip to Madrid this summer, I cleared it with our pediatrician, including dosage amounts and I gave it to all three kids – ages 9, 6 and almost 3 – about two hours into the seven-hour flight. They all fell asleep within 30 minutes of when I gave it to them. I was amazed! (And rested! Hallelujah!)

We then used it for our first two nights in Madrid and, once again, everyone was asleep within 30 minutes. Poof, that was it. We rolled right into the time change and it was the best transition we have ever had. Sweet dreams!

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