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The weed-themed sub chain Cheba Hut has been curing Milwaukeeans' munchies for about a month now since opening in the former Five Guys and Blaze Pizza near the UWM campus at 2907 N. Oakland Ave. – so it seemed about high time for Lori and me to toke take a puff peek.

In the place of Blaze Pizza is now a meal-serving monument to getting blazed, with the walls covered with a psychedelic Wonda-themed mural through "SnickleSchlitz Brewery" along with a collection of classic stoner movie posters and weed-themed artwork.

Cheba HutX
Cheba HutX

All of that was to be expected; what was unexpected, however, had to do with a different attitude-altering substance as Cheba Hut comes with a full bar inside – and a pretty substantial one at that – offering beer, cocktails and more. So while you'll have to bring your own high (thanks a lot, Wisconsin government), you can snag a buzz. 

Cheba HutX

The menu keeps the party going with a lineup of "munchies" (sides), "cottonmouth cures" (beverages) and "toasted" subs that come in three sizes: a four-inch "nug," an eight-inch "pinner" and a foot-long "blunt." The sandwiches themselves come in such strains as a chronic (barbecue roast beef), a sensi kush (BLT), the popular white widow (chicken, bacon and ranch), Pacific blue (tuna melt) and many more – including two local favorites in their "secret stash," the Skywalker and the Barry White. The "toasted" subs claim isn't just on-theme marketing either, as the sandwiches come hot, lightly crispy and smelling great after a quick run through the oven.

Cheba Hut menuX

The only thing missing from the marijuana-filled menu: any actual weed or even any CBD seasoning. (Again: Thanks again, Wisco politics.) But between all the decor, the themed menu and the smell of the freshly toasted ingredients, you still might catch a secondhand high inside Cheba Hut.

So would this new sub shop's edibles cause reefer madness or reefer gladness? Let's take a hit:

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