By Renee Lorenz Special to Published Mar 28, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Landmark Credit Union has a semi-new commercial talking about the joys of finding surprise sidewalk money (or parking structure money, or borrowed library book money).

I've seen it probably a handful of times and something always felt kind of off about it. Then, last night, it hit me: I can't remember the last time I found money. Actual cash money, not the "Oh look, a penny!" kind.

Naturally, I blame society – specifically, its increasing reliance on plastic. I'm guilty, too; I use my debit card for everything. It's just easier. But, the more money gets exchanged via computer transfers instead of people's hands, the less there is to drop or get carried away on a sudden breeze, to be found by some lucky schmuck like me out for a stroll.

It's a little sad, really. I still remember the day I found a $10 bill on the floor in my video store and how it literally made my week. And how I wouldn't shut up about it for just as long.

I'm not about to climb up to the roof and start raining Hamiltons down on the city, but I do have two singles in my wallet that I had forgotten about that I'm considering letting escape out my car window on the drive home, just leave something to brighten somebody else's day.

Renee Lorenz Special to

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