By Velia Tarnoff Special to Published Feb 16, 2018 at 3:16 PM

After about 30 years of doing my own at-home manicures, I’ve found a miracle product: the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit.

As I indicated in the first installment of this story and review, I would not render a final verdict until the gel removal process. Would it tear up my nails? Would it be a cumbersome mess? Would it negate the ease and convenience of the DIY application?

Around Day 10 of this at-home manicure, I was just starting to think that maybe I should consider removal. Overall, the color was still shiny and pretty much intact, but there were a couple of small chips. On Day 11, a couple of small edges started to lift. I took that as my sign to let go and to reach for the acetone. (Also, truth be told, I was getting a little tired of the color – something I never expected or experienced before, given my use of products that chipped within two to three days and "required" removal shortly thereafter.)

The kit provides the acetone remover and a wooden implement to lift the polish; you supply the cotton and the aluminum foil.

I followed the instructions, and after 15 minutes of wrapping each nail with acetone-soaked cotton and wrapping in foil (to help prevent the acetone from evaporating), the gel color lifted off almost perfectly with minimal effort. (I did find and use this handy-dandy little tool for the wee bit of scrapping I had to do.)

So, I’m in love. I wanted to give my nails more of a break than a few hours, but I couldn’t resist. I rubbed in some nail and cuticle oil, let my nails "breathe" for a few hours, then went another round of DIY gel.

I should point out that the tips of my naked nails did seem a little weak, but no more so than after a regular manicure – especially in the winter, when my hands tend to be dry and my nails a little brittle.

The dramatic conclusion to this nail saga? I give the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit two perfectly polished thumbs up.

Velia Tarnoff Special to

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