By David Pflughoeft Special to Published Mar 11, 2008 at 5:10 AM

Recently, I offered an unusual perspective on the high school dating game. This time around, we're searching for the teenage girl's perspective. I enlisted the help of several friends to find out what girls today think about dating.

What do girls want out of a high school relationship?

I asked these friends what girls are looking for in a high school relationship. Why do they want a boyfriend? Amanda, 17, said the reason she wants to have a boyfriend is so he can adore her and protect her. Sara, also 17, agreed saying she likes having someone who has her back and keeps her safe.

After I suggested that friends are capable of providing protection as well as affection, Amanda fired back, saying, "True, but there's just a special line between friendship and having a (dating) companion, a feeling of intimacy that can't be achieved through friendship."

What role does the physical aspect play in girls' minds?

It's a fact that physical intimacy is a huge component of a high school relationship for most guys. How do girls feel about the physical side of dating? Heather, 16, claims it's not always needed, but it is indeed inevitable.

"Besides, kissing and cuddling with your boyfriend is a lot of fun!" Heather said. Sara said things like that makes her feel happy, and goes along with feeling secure. Nicole, 16, added that it's a huge part for girls, and some girls are willing to go far depending on the guy.

What are the effects of high school dating on girls?

"I think its good experience to date in high school, because then you can learn from your bad experiences early and hopefully have better relationships in the future," Nicole said.

Amanda said it's a good way to find out what you like and ultimately what type of characteristics you want in a future husband. "But, you also have to know that the chances of you being together with the boyfriend that you have now forever are very slim," she added.

Heather and Sara both said that it's possible for bad dating experiences to negatively affect a girl's  future relationships. "Having a bad relationship in high school can affect the mindset of a girl and possibly shut her off to good relationships later in life," Heather said.

Does true love exist at a high school level?

All four girls were unanimous on this question. The consensus was that true love most certainly exists in high school, but it is a rarity. "True love has a hard time surviving in high school, because both parties are so inexperienced in handling it that too many problems arise and the relationship ends up not working out," Amanda said.

Added Sara, "It happens, but not as often as people say it does."

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