By Richie Burke Contributor Published May 04, 2019 at 5:01 PM

Last month, I was on a LinkedIn panel during Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. There, I met Lori Mendelsohn, a professional matchmaker, who recently came by The GGMM HQ.  

We were having a fascinating conversation about the Milwaukee dating scene, and I realized I have several friends who should be hearing this conversation – so we decided to get mic’d up and do an impromptu GoGedders Podcast.

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We covered a lot of ground, including dating profile optimization (should Cheyn Crangle keep those shirtless photos?), best places to meet people, the dos and don’ts of first dates, the right time to make a move and more.

We even took some guest calls. When we were talking about the best ways to meet people at bars and clubs, we reached out to Matt Michalek (better known to some as The Wolf of Milwaukee). The Wolf, who had a reputation for buying several large trays of bombs at Mikey’s Bomb Night, had a few interesting recommendations. For instance, instead of walking up and asking if you can buy someone a drink, go full send – that is, send drinks over to their entire group and make sure everyone is having a good time. "It’s a great ice breaker and a great way to merge groups," Michalek said

We also took a dive into the life of Chris Stegman. Lori determined Stegman should consider heading to establishments like The Journeyman or Mason Street Grill, or consider networking groups or philanthropic activities (instead of going to JoCats) to meet women.

Jonathan Haedt also joined. He’s been in a relationship for five months, so we dove into whether or not he deleted his dating apps and when the right time is to do so. All of the above and more awaits on this week’s episode of The GoGedders Podcast. Tune in, give a listen, and let us know what you think!

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