By Richie Burke Contributor Published Nov 21, 2019 at 6:01 PM

It can be tough to be in the dating game these days. With so much ambiguity and the next best thing always (seemingly) around the corner with the tap of a finger, people are finding it’s hard to go all-in on just one relationship. 

It can be hard to meet people, too. How do you go up and talk to someone at a bar? And once you’re in a conversation, what do you talk about?

With so much to navigate, and so little time, The GoGedders Podcast has teamed up with Kessler’s Diamonds to bring listeners the third installment of the oft-requested Dating Advice series.

On this episode, Richie Burke, founder and CEO‌ of GGMM, sits down with now-familiar favorites Danika Tramburg (Miss Wisconsin, USA), Gabi Suliga (Miss Milwaukee) and professional matchmaker Lori Mendelson, author of "Smart, Funny, Single." They dive into topics like communicating with exes when you’re in a relationship, transitioning from hooking up to being exclusive, approaching people at a bar, reading body language like a pro, hilarious date stories and more!