By Richie Burke Contributor Published Oct 16, 2019 at 8:01 PM

On Thursday, Nov. 7, Disrupt Milwaukee returns with nine rapid-fire presentations on topics relating to this year’s theme: Being Human Centric in the Era of Digital Transformation. Each speaker has exactly five minutes and 20 slides rotating at 15-second intervals to engage the audience.

Richie Burke, the host of The GoGedders Podcast, is one of nine speakers set to present at Disrupt Milwaukee. In this episode, Richie is joined by Disrupt founder, Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek and scheduled speakers John Zetatsky and Amanda Dearing to discuss the upcoming event, digital transformation and the future of workplaces.

Disrupt Milwaukee is scheduled to take place at 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7 at Best Place at The Historic Pabst Brewery.

Tickets to Disrupt Milwaukee are available for purchase at

The full lineup of Disrupt Milwaukee speakers and talks: 

  • John Zeratsky – Best-selling author and SXSW speaker; "How to Redesign Time"
  • Debbie Vyskocil – High performance coach and neuroscience specialist; "Human Intelligence via Artificial Intelligence"
  • Marissa Kalkman – Executive Director of Wellness Council of Wisconsin; "Transforming the Pursuit of Employee Wellness"
  • Amanda Daering – CEO of Newance and Community Builder; "From Data Entry to Data Strategy"
  • Kennita Hickman – Equity and Social Impact Champion; "Using Your Talents to Create Equity"
  • Derek Deprey – Future of Leadership Expert and best-selling author; "The Best People-Leaders Will Survive"
  • Quentin Allums – CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures, honored as one WI Inno 2019 Coolest Companies; "This Is Why Your Culture Sucks"
  • Richie Burke – CEO of GGMM and top Milwaukee podcast host; "Disrupt your Market Through Podcasting"
  • Anna Oakes – CEO of We Restore Humanity and TEDx speaker; "The 3-Legged Race of Talent Development"

Emcee for the night: Tim McMurtry II, President of Tim McMurtry International, LLC and Community Relations Manager at Employ Milwaukee