By Richie Burke Contributor Published Dec 12, 2019 at 7:56 PM

Echelon, one of Milwaukee’s premier emerging professional groups, has been making big waves as of late. Aiming to help Milwaukee’s homeless population, this diverse group of individuals found both friendship and a greater sense of purpose when they teamed up to serve the common good. 

The second-ever chapter of an organization that now boasts 50 chapters nationwide, Milwaukee’s Echelon group has grown to be the largest part of the Salvation Army’s young professional arm. Echelon serves the community through unique volunteer-ran events like "Dinner in the Alley," "Served" and "Meaningful Makeover." Events like these allow Milwaukee’s homeless population to have a five-star dining experience, or undergo a makeover in which rooms, wardrobes and a trip to a luxury salon are all on the itinerary. 

As many of us know, Milwaukee has a reputation of being the most segregated city in the U.S. On the episode, we dive deep into the importance of inclusivity as one of their keys to success and the importance of being a more inclusive as a city. The group engages its members by offering its own diverse culture, ensuring everyone is welcome to come together to tackle a common goal. 

"We all think the same when it comes to helping (others), and that seems to bring us together very easily," Echelon co-founder Brandon Tschacher said.

"All of those walls fall down when you have that singular focus with each other," added "Dinner in the Alley" co-chair Jonathan Newby.

Tune in as Newby, Tschacher and "Red Tie in the Sky" co-chair Sarah Tomczyk join The GoGedders Podcast to discuss what fuels this group’s success, how Echelon helps break down preconceived notions Milwaukeeans may have about one another, the ways people can get involved with Echelon events and more.