By Richie Burke Contributor Published Feb 12, 2020 at 2:01 PM

Milwaukee is a city that loves to drink. Surely, most cities do – but in Milwaukee, it’s a part of our identity. Not that it’s all bad; Milwaukee has a more-than-vibrant brewery and craft cocktail scene (Bittercube, anyone?) and for most, that’s cause for celebration.

But as more and more folks – young folks, too – shy away from alcohol in favor of a healthier lifestyle, things can get a bit complicated.

As discussed on The GoGedders Podcast’s "Young, Active, and Sober" episode, there are a handful of hangups when it comes to living a sober lifestyle in Milwaukee. Most social and business events have a drinking component, and if you’re not careful, you can end up with an excuse to drink four to five nights a week.

On this episode of The GoGedders, Erik Kennedy returns and is joined by Dr. Munther Bakarat to take a deeper dive into the world of drinking in Milwaukee. Erik is in his fifth year of sobriety and is very active in the community, serving on a number of different boards throughout the Milwaukee. Dr. Bakarat is the Director of Behavioral Health at Advocate Aurora, offering a professional’s perspective, and host Richie is an active member of the business community who doesn’t drink Sunday through Thursday. 

They’ll discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships with alcohol, how moderating alcohol intake can lead to a healthier lifestyle and why cutting booze can be so intimidating in the Milwaukee social scene. They'll also provide a few pointers for people looking to cut back, among other great tidbits. 

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