By Andy Tarnoff Publisher Published May 21, 2007 at 4:49 PM

I recently blogged about how awestruck I found myself when using Google to traverse the surfaces of the Moon and Mars. The technology was so impressive it left me wondering about my place in the universe, not to mention how powerful the Web has become in the last decade.  I guess if they can put a man on the Moon, the next logical step would be to allow me to scoot around on it from my desktop.

Last week, I thought Google was really cool.

Today, Google just made me laugh.

For legitimate purposes, I translated a Web site from Italian into English using Google Translate, a service that until today, I didn't even know existed. (I've used Babelfish, but was unaware -- silly me -- that Google has expanded into the somewhat useful world of mechanical translation).

The results were spotty, at best.  Actually, "funny" is a better word to describe this quick Italian translation -- but kudos, Google, on bringing a whole Web page into another language in 10 seconds.

But this exercise gave me an idea (hey, with the forthcoming OMC redesign just days away -- more on that later -- I needed a quick laugh): lets try translating some text from English into Japanese … then back again.

I used a recent news release and enjoyed a hearty laugh from the results.

So, to prove to you how silly this all is, I will now translate the above blog into Japanese, then back in to English (or should I say "Engrish").  I hope you are as amused as I am.

Then again, I'm pretty easily amused.

Here goes …

As for me although recently it crosses the surface of month and Mars, when using Google, awestruck I found by my how concerning, blogged. Technology the remainder very the impressive that powerful net how was last ten years, was I who am thought in doubt concerning my place of outer space because you do not express. Whether or not I those may put the person in month, with that from the next logical step my desk top I should be permitted in scoot, it presumes.

Last week, I thought of that Google really is cool.

Today, Google laughed exactly in me.

Intended because of justice, I using Google, translate the web sight from Italian in English, to today, me existing, you do not know it services translates. (I used Babelfish, but you did not become aware -- Foolish me -- The Google expanded to the some useful world of machine translation). The result had unevenness, at the very most. Actually, rather than describing this “it is strange” fast Italian translation, as for good word -- But Google of the thing which comes having all the Web pages in another language of glory and 10 seconds.

But this practice gave thought to me, (just a little, the design modification fair day of OMC which is approached -- That it is many afterwards -- I needed the laughing which is fast): In Japanese text from English…And the attempt which is translated is permitted for the second time.

I used the news release of recent, enjoyed the laughing from heart from the result.

How there is foolish this everything, so, in order to prove to you, as for me the back section is translated (or as for me calls now above-mentioned blog, and to English to Japanese, “Engrish” it should, is). I that it makes enjoy as i am. we are assumed desire the fact that.

In addition, I enjoy rather easily.

It goes here…

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