By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 17, 2008 at 11:35 AM

There's never a shortage of new people, events, decisions and ideas in Milwaukee, some moving the city forward and some holding it back. In this subjective and light-hearted article, we take Milwaukee's temperature for the end of November 2008.

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Sizzling:'s "100 Hottest Milwaukeeans" list -- Are you on it?
Cafe Centraal -- Is this place ever not packed?
Great Lakes Distillery Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit -- You can have your pumpkin and drink it, too.
Obama -- This blue state has spoken.
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute -- Bucks forward looking like a second-round steal.

Thanksgiving weekend -- Eating. Football. Shopping. Yes.
Packers' Aaron Rodgers -- Is he still "The Man?"
Film in Wisconsin -- Milwaukee Film picks up where MIFF left off.
Brewers manager Ken Macha -- Welcome to the team.
Titanic at MPM -- Big lines and its own beer!


Beer dinners
-- If food can have courses, why can't beer?
Ginger -- It's open in the ex-Barossa space, but is anyone going?
Holiday music on WMYX -- Like it or not, Santa Claus music is coming to town.
Gas prices -- They're dropping, but at what cost to green energy?
Leggings -- Literally warm.



Sigg water bottles -- Haven't we found an even safer water bottle yet, or something?
JS's redesign -- Yes, it looks better, but does it work better?
T-mobile's G1 -- The poor man's iPhone.
Local malls --  Southridge and Grand Avenue suffer, Mayfair's parent company is broke.


Indoor smoking -- Water Buffalo recently banned it. Who's next?
Sick leave ordinance -- It passed, but the MMAC says no way.



94.5 WKTI -- Are you feeling The Lake effect?
Nightfall by 4 p.m. -- Not cool.
The housing market -- Now's the time to buy that $150,000 house for half the price ...