By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 23, 2010 at 1:06 PM

There's never a shortage of new people, events, decisions and ideas in Milwaukee, some moving the city forward and some holding it back. In this subjective and light-hearted article, we take Milwaukee's temperature as 2010 comes to a close.

This season, plenty is hot, and plenty is not.

Clay Matthews is tearing it up for the Packers, while Rick Peterson was sent packing by the Brewers. MPS teachers have a new contract, and long-time WTMJ host Jeff Jagler has left the station in the wake of a morning show shakeup.

High-speed rail seems like it's got one foot in the grave, but Glorioso's is being reborn across the street.

'Tis the season, indeed.

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Clay Matthews -- On his way to Defensive Player of the Year.
Kings Go Forth -- Now on a west coast tour.
Ted Thompson -- Credit where credit is due. {#emotions_dlg.arrowup}
Badgers football -- BCS bowl game-bound.
Jaill -- Touring Europe.

 Bucyrus and Ladisch -- Bold sold, will be stronger.
Pop up retailers in Downtown, Third Ward -- 'Tis the season.
New Glorioso's -- Set to open Dec. 2.
Night before Thanksgiving drinking -- Black Wednesday!
MPS teacher contract -- Saves taxpayers money, 85 percent of teachers voted for it. {#emotions_dlg.arrowup}

Ron Roenicke -- Give the skipper a chance.
Summerfest skipping the fourth -- Risky but innovative.

Pizza Man -- Maybe coming back, maybe not.
WTMJ's morning show -- Wasn't broke, didn't fix it. {#emotions_dlg.arrowdown}

High-speed rail -- Dead in the water? {#emotions_dlg.arrowdown}
Laurie Bembenek pardon talk -- Little good now.
Complaining about the TSA -- Really?
Christmas music before Thanksgiving -- Really???
Racine County -- Slammed by storms several times this year.

Rick Peterson -- One and done.
Sue Sachdeva -- 11 years in the slammer for ripping off Koss.
Brett Favre -- Go home to your tractor. {#emotions_dlg.arrowdown}
Brad Childress -- Just go away.