By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 27, 2011 at 1:02 PM

There's never a shortage of new people, events, decisions and ideas in Milwaukee, some moving the city forward and some holding it back. In this subjective and light-hearted article, we take Milwaukee's temperature as we spring into April.

Just like weather, this heat index runs from hot to cold – and everywhere in between. The Brewers are well-represented on this list, especially red-hot Ryan Braun, who not only is off to the best start of his career but also just signed a long-term contract to stay in Milwaukee for the next decade.

Election season just won't come to an end as recounts and recalls pick up steam – and what's going on in Waukesha, anyway?

What could be "colder" than gas prices, which have eclipsed the $4 in the Milwaukee area?

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Ryan Braun – Let's see, he's hitting a ton, dating a model and, oh yeah, he'll be here until 2020; nothing in Milwaukee is hotter (metaphorically speaking, of course)

Recounts and recalls – Because every day should be an election day
Nanakusa – Back by popular demand
Festival news – Announcements make summer seem closer

Zack Greinke – The last piece to the Brewers' injury puzzle, he's close to making his 2011 debut 
The weather – Sunny, rainy, snowy (hail-y?) and then sunny again? Hopefully, Spring is here to stay for awhile
Summerfest ground stage acts – Sure, people will complain ... but they'll still go
Farmers' market season – Right around the corner

&^%$#@! potholes – Come on, Milwaukee ... it's getting out of hand
Kathy Nikolaus
Human error or not, snafus like hers are bad news
Miller Park Hawk – It was hilarious Sunday and funny on Monday. Now ... well, it's time to move (fly) on
NBA Playoffs – No Bucks this year, but some good games

Gas prices – A new pair of walking shoes is cheaper than a tank of gas 
NFL labor dispute – Billionaires vs. millionaires

I-94 resurfacing – Next year, we get to do it all over again on the eastbound side
Vandals hit Bronze Fonz – He's all cleaned up now, but why mess with the Fonz?!