By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Sep 17, 2022 at 1:56 PM

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Last year, a blockbuster of a bike event made its debut as Hill Bill cycled, sprinted, sliced, diced and slashed through the tricky trails of the Rock Snow Park. But if you thought the first Hill Bill was a wild time, here comes volume two, taking off at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18 – the rare case where the sequel is even bigger, better and bolder than the original. 

Need more convincing that Sunday's festivities – presented by Educator's Credit Union – will be tougher, more thrilling and more heart-racing than a run-in with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad? Here are six reasons why you should either pedal – or put the pedal to the metal – over to Rock Snow Park on Sunday. 

1. Even more twists and turns

As you'd hope for from a cyclocross race inspired by a Quentin Tarantino movie, the Hill Bill Volume 2 course will feature even more captivating twists and turns to keep those competing and those watching on their toes. This year's punishing path is even longer than the first installment at three kilometers, along the way putting five imposing climbs on your cyclocross hit list. With a course this snaky and sneaky, Hill Bill promises a balanced and thrilling combination of cycling as well as sprinting that'll excite both competitors and cheering sections.

But don't just take my word for it: See for yourself! (I recommend playing "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei over this preview for bonus excitement and awesomeness.) Then sign up on Sunday, as on-site registration is still be available for competitors. 

2. Something for everyone

No matter if you're a seasoned cyclocross assassin or new to getting your tires dirty in a dash, a master mountain biker or a king or queen of cross, Hill Bill Volume 2 offers a race for your liking. The day will showcase 18 different competition categories, split by age, gender and skill level – so no matter how hard you want to go Sunday or experienced you are, there's a place for you on Hill Bill's trails. Prefer your cyclocross races on plus-size tires? Sunday's spectacle will feature the return of the Hugh Jill Fat Bike race for those with tires three inches or more – complete with prizes for winning competitors. And while the "Kill Bill" movies are very much not for kids, Hill Bill Volume 2 is friendly for all ages with the kiddo cross at 11:45 a.m., a free miniature version of the cyclocross course for those aged nine and under. 

With all that variety, everyone – from competitors to spectators – is welcome to Hill Bill. (Except for the creepy hospital worker guy from the first "Kill Bill" movie – you are very much not invited.) 

3. Fuel for the festivities

Even merely watching the athletes take on Hill Bill Volume 2 can work up a serious appetite – so Sunday's sprint will feature a number of tasty ways to fuel up, from tantalizing tacos from Taco Barrio to snack-worthy sandwiches from Switz Food Truck and sweet-tooth-satisfying ice cream from Da Udder Spot. And for those needing a little extra fuel on the course – and looking at this beast of a bike trail, you'll need it – in addition to purchasable items for sale during the day, Rebel Hard Coffee and Tea will offer free samples of its craveable canned concoctions to all participants in the race. So sure, you could be like The Bride and be fueled by furious revenge on Sunday ... but we think being fueled by boozy drinks and tasty food truck fare is a lot more carefree fun. 

4. Free money!

There's more than one way to come away a winner from Hill Bill on Sunday, as Educator's Credit Union will meander the course with a thrilling treat: money! Indeed, in case the views from the hill weren't lovely enough, there will also be the hundred-dollar hand-up, featuring a fishing line with a number of dollar bills attached to it – 100 $1 bills, five $10 bills and one glorious $100 bill. All you have to do to come away with a thicker wallet than when you started is reach out your hand and make a grab – maybe you'll snag a dollar, maybe you'll snag a Benjamin. Unlike The Bride's revenge plans, yeah, it really is that easy. 

5. Drumming up excitement

The "Kill Bill" movies have a killer soundtrack to match its killer, uh, killers. So of course Hill Bill Volume 2 has one to match, featuring drummer extraordinaire Americus Kates rocking the kit throughout the morning and afternoon, providing the perfect beat for the ferocious festivities. Read more about this remarkable performer here – and then get ready for a live soundtrack that'll hit even harder than the five-point palm exploding heart technique. 

6. Enjoy the September summer while you can

Sure, Labor Day might mark the end of summer for many folks – but fall doesn't officially begin until Sept. 22, and as any Milwaukeean knows, September is basically a summer month now with an increasing number of festivals and gorgeous forecasts that aren't too hot but aren't too cold. Plus, we all know that – just like the Deadly Viper Assassination Square – winter can bust in at any moment and brutally ruin everything for everyone. So get outside and enjoy this final gasp of outdoor summer fun – whether you're gasping for air on the course or gasping in excitement just watching. 

And yes, we know it's a football Sunday – but the race should be over by 4 p.m. and the Packers/Bears game won't kick off until night. So double your Sunday funday sports with Hill Bill Volume 2!

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