By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 06, 2018 at 6:01 PM

After more than half a century as IHOP, the International House of Pancakes is about to become the International House of ... something. 

Earlier this week, the restaurant chain made a Twitter announcement even more jaw-dropping than that time they double-dipped French toast with cornflakes and oatmeal and created horrifying carb bombs: It's changing its name, flipping the P at the end of its famous acronym into a B and turning into IHOB. (Or "IHOb" if you insist on following its quirky capitalization.)

So what's the new B stand for? For now, IHOP isn't saying, holding off on the reveal until June 11. In the meantime, the brand is having waaaaay too much fun taunting people on Twitter with all of its Ps replaced with Bs. 

But not nearly as much fun as the internet is having guessing the new name.

So what does the B actually stand for? Is it, as some have already predicted, some dumb short-lived free viral advertising for a special deal – like a bacon-centric menu where they'll become the International House of Bacon? Or a marketing tie-in with an upcoming movie, like they're becoming the International House of Blue in honor of the "Jurassic World" sequel and America's favorite raptor buddy?

According to Mashable, some Reddit sleuthing led to an alleged employee spilling the beans (which, no, it's not International House of Beans) and revealing that it's burgers, due to a some new Black Angus menu items coming the restaurants' way. And to add to the suspicion, those spoiler-filled Reddit comments have now been mysteriously deleted. 

So yes, this is probably just some dumb short-lived free viral advertising. (You're welcome, IHOP!) Which thank the syrupy, buttery heavens because IHOB is an awful name. IHOP sounds pleasant, upbeat and welcoming. IHOB, on the other hand, sounds at best depressing and at worst like a knockoff Apple product you bought out of a stranger's trunk. And that's not even getting into what its new altered logo looks like.

In related news, Waffle House is still Waffle House. For now.

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