By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 22, 2019 at 3:01 PM

Listen, as of writing this, it's 12:43 in the afternoon, and it's already been a freaking day. Miller Park isn't going to be Miller Park anymore, the Oscar nominations were a mixed bag and apparently a small snow-pocalypse preparing to dump all over Milwaukee tonight. Then there's the actual serious, real-world news that happened. It's just ... it's been a lot.

So let's just take four minutes to decompress and watch Aquaman contagiously geek out over motorcycles, no?

Two weeks ago, "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa caused waves by dropping by Milwaukee, taking a tour of the Harley-Davidson Museum and its Menomonee Falls factory, and trading out the crown of Atlantis for a cheesehead along the way. It was delightful – and now there's the above recap video, posted to Jason Momoa's YouTube channel on late last week, which is somehow even more delightful.  

Admittedly there's not much new here that we couldn't have gleaned from his original glowing Instagram post (save for him getting gifted a Harley-Davidson talisman in a really weird handshake). It's really just four minutes of Momoa getting giddy about ... well, just about everything. But it's charming as hell watching him turn into a big, muscular child in a candy shop, in awe of all the Harley stuff surrounding him. He even sneaks in a "mah mayn" in there at around the 2:05 mark. 

Anyways, there you go. Back to trying (and failing) to get used to saying AmFam Field or whatever they're gonna call Miller Park now. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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