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It’s difficult to track down the specific date that Fever Marlene played its first Milwaukee show, but it happened sometime in 2006 at The Cactus Club. I’ve followed Scott Starr (vocals, guitar, bass pedals, synth) and Kevin Dunphy (drums, vocals) play from Madison to Chicago as early as 2004 when they debuted as The People. Witnessing the band grow as musicians and individuals has been a humbling experience.

It’s never been difficult to be a fan of Fever Marlene and a good friend of theirs at the same time. I’ve always been a major support, but at times I can also be their toughest critic. Being friends with Scott and Kevin is interesting and has made me a better person, but it’s nowhere near as fascinating as their musical connection.

In the beginning, Fever Marlene had a small but loyal following. Early on, it wasn’t uncommon that I would see them play to a crowd of only a dozen people. They would lug TV sets around from show to show to offer a visual accompaniment to their live performance.

As time passed and crowds have grown, Fever Marlene has treated fans to several studio albums and amazing live performances. The bands energy and alternative pop sound mesh to generate understated hooks, humble melodies and intricate craft.

Over time, some of Fever Marlene’s band members have come and gone while friends have shared their stage, but now after seven years the band exists as a solid five-piece. Fever Marlene also features Dan Mahony (bass, guitar, vocals), Ryan Gardiner (synth, organs) and Christian Hansen (guitar, vocals).

As Fever Marlene they wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered their latest CD "Medicated Friends" and released it to a sold-out show at the Landmark Theater in April. They’ve always made it a point to make their CD release shows an event that leaves fans wanting more, but touring has never been a major concern.

Thankfully the guys are back for another performance at Summerfest this Wednesday, July 3, at 8 p.m. before headliner MGMT on the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse stage.

In today’s Kramp Cast I talk to Starr about his early recordings, his relationship with Dunphy, the progression of the band's sound and members, the stupid purchases the band has made, plus you’ll hear a very special re-worked acoustic version of Easy Eyes off their latest CD "Medicated Friends." Enjoy!

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