By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 01, 2021 at 9:26 AM

Here's a terrifying sentence: The summer is almost over. Yes, we're pretty much through July already, so we'd totally understand if you want to spend the next month soaking in as much of the sun as you can.

But if you decide to come inside for a bit and stream something – or, if you're a Milwaukee Bucks fan like me and you want a break from rewatching highlights for the 793rd time – you'll probably want to check out one of these movies or TV shows currently on Netflix before they, like the summer, are gone.  

And there's a lot you'll want to catch on this list before they leave. Looking for something even scarier than the idea of summer ending? "The Ring" should be on your to-see (through your fingers) list. A Phoenix Suns fan in need of a laugh? "Love Actually," "Superbad" and "The Muppets" should all be in your starting lineup before they hit the streaming bench. If you're gearing up for "No Time To Die" (coming out ... eventually?), "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace" are available for just a little longer – and when it comes to award-winners, Netflix is losing a ton, from "The Departed" to "Chinatown" to "The Social Network" to "Road to Perdition" and many more. And as for cult favorites, you'll want to catch "The Big Lebowski" before it's gone off the Big Red Streaming Monolith like ashes in the wind. 

That's just a handfull of the films and shows bailing by the end of the summer – so get to streaming. Or starting Bucks Finals rewatch #794; we wouldn't blame you. 

Here's the full list of departures from Netflix in August:

Aug. 1

"American Assassin"

Aug. 4


Aug. 7

"The Promise"

Aug. 9

"El Cartel" seasons 1-2


Aug. 12

"Safety Not Guaranteed"

"Scary Movie 5"

Aug. 14

"Mother Goose Club" seasons 1-2

Aug. 15

"Jericho" seasons 1-2

"Wish I Was Here"

Aug. 20

"The Founder"

"Kill the Irishman"

"Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom"

Aug. 22


Aug. 26

"The Angry Birds Movie 2"

Aug. 27

"A Princess for Christmas"

Aug. 29

"Strange But True"

Aug. 30

"Casino Royale"

"The Eichmann Show"

"Full Out"

"Quantum of Solace"

"Stranger Than Fiction"

Aug. 31


"Angel Eyes"

"The Big Lebowski"


"The Departed"


"The Girl Next Door"

"Hey Arnold: The Movie"

"Hot Rod"

"Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"

"Love Actually"

"Love Happens"

"The Manchurian Candidate"

"Monsters vs. Aliens"

"Moon Kingdom"

"The Muppets"

"Muppets Most Wanted"

"Nacho Libre"

"Pootie Tang"

"The Prince & Me"

"Resident Evil: Afterlife"

"Resident Evil: Extinction"

"The Ring"

"Road to Perdition"

"The Social Network"


"The Time Traveler's Wife"

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