By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 28, 2023 at 7:01 PM

At first glance, the list of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in March looks pretty normal. In fact, it actually looks better than pretty normal; it looks pretty spectacular for fans of the Big Red Streaming Monolith, with just nine selections actually waiving farewell over the next 31 days or so. 

This, however, is actually one of the most shocking Netflix departures lists I've seen – because officially nothing is safe. 

Of the mere nine movies and TV shows calling it quits on Netflix next month, three of them – "Instant Hotel," "Shtisel" and "Arrested Development" – are actually labeled as Netflix Originals. That's one-third of the programming leaving that seemed permanent considering they're Netflix content. And in case of the last show of that trio, it wasn't just a Netflix Original; it was a pretty big deal! True, the first three seasons debuted on Fox, making only the final two (and far inferior) seasons the only Netglix Originals – but when that reboot happened, it was huge, ballyhooed news. And, thanks to licensing deals, now they're just ... gone. 

Worst of all, there's no guarantees that you can find them somewhere else after. The first three seasons are available elsewhere to stream or rent, and the fourth season is on DVD. But the fifth and final season? Currently not to be found anywhere else – on streaming, on physical media, nada. 

So great – just in case Netflix's library wasn't already getting smaller thanks to all the other studios taking their content back to create their own streaming services (this list isn't short because Netflix is benevolent, but because there's not that much outside content to lose anymore), now their own actual shows and movies are at risk too.

Well that chilling thought certainly won't help keep the winter cold away – so curl up with one these movies and TV shows before they leave the Big Red Streaming Monolith in March. And then curl up with all your other favorites too while you still can – because who knows how much longer that's going to be.

March 5

"Hap and Leonard" seasons 1-3

March 15

"Arrested Development" seasons 1-5

March 16

"Lee Daniels' The Butler"

"Outback Truckers" seasons 1-3

March 18

"Instant Hotel" season 2

March 24

"Shtisel" seasons 1-3

March 25

"Big Time Rush" seasons 1-4

March 31

"30 Minutes or Less"

"Brokeback Mountain"

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