By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Apr 25, 2017 at 9:06 AM

Sad that "Girls" recently wrapped up its final season? Well, good news, Milwaukee-based Lena Dunham fans, because while she may be briefly off television now, she's headed to a stage right here in Brew City.

This morning, The Pabst Theater announced that Dunham and fellow "Girls" writer/director/producer Jenni Konner will bring their feminist newsletter Lenny Letter live on stage for the "Lenny: America IRL Tour" at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6. 

The show will feature Dunham, as well as nine other Lenny contributors, including Chloe Caldwell, Jenny Zhang, Kaitlyn Greenidge, Morgan Murphy, Katie Crutchfield, Rachel McKibbens and Jackie Novak. 

"Lenny is taking its singular mix of politics, entertainment and conversation on the road. Imagine if the beat poets weren't a bunch of ego-driven guys and there were no methamphetamines? Well, there you go!" said Lenny co-founders Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, in a press release. "Instead of publishing our newsletter from the comfort of our office, we want to engage in a larger conversation across America, with women whose experiences may differ from ours but who share the same essential goals: freedom, self-actualization and the perfect night out.

"We will be talking, reading, playing music, showing films, asking and answering questions for, by, and of the women we meet. Our plan is to create a sense of community in every city we stop in, and to take what we learn from that community with us as we continue our work as a resource for women who love humor without snark, politics without a filter and – above all – learning about each other's truth."

Tickets for the show go on sale starting at noon on Friday, April 28. To buy tickets or learn more, visit either The Pabst Theater's website or

Look forward to reading all the think pieces!

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