By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 11, 2020 at 6:01 PM

Live music? In 2020?! The Lowlands Group is going to give it go and try to grant this mostly non-existent summer at least a tuneful finale with the return of its live music series to its restaurants' outdoor spaces.

Running Mondays through Thursdays beginning this week, four of Lowlands Group's restaurants will host live local music on their patio spaces, those both familiar and freshly added or revamped for this unusual summer. The Downer Parklet Music Series will come to Cafe Hollander on Downer on Monday evenings, Centraal Chill in the Courtyard will take the stage on the outdoor courtyard at Centraal Grand Café & Tappery in Bay View on Tuesday nights, the Mequon Balcony Music Series will play above the crowd at Cafe Hollander in Mequon on Wednesday evenings and Jazz in the Park ... ing Lot will croon away in the newly added Lux Container Bar next to Benelux in the Third Ward on Thursdays.

All events will take place in open-air spaces with limited, social distanced seating. And remember, masks are still mandatory statewide when not eating or drinking.

"With the cancellation of nearly all concerts and beloved Milwaukee events this summer, we wanted to create a special outdoor experience on our patios while being uber-conscious of safety, space and sound at each location," said Eric Wagner, Lowlands Group CEO, in a release. "We’re excited to provide our guests with some great music and at the same time offer local musicians a safe environment and audience set-up, at a time when their industry has also faced its share of obstacles."

Here are the schedules for the four returning patio music series:

Downer Parklet Music Series

5-7 p.m. at Cafe Hollander on Downer

  • Aug. 17 – Alyssia Dominguez
  • Aug. 24 – Kyle Feerick
  • Aug. 31 – Kylee Feerick
  • Sept. 14 – Alyssia Dominguez
  • Sept. 21 – Kyle Feerick
  • Sept. 28 – Alyssia Dominguez

Centraal Chill in the Courtyard

5-7 p.m. at Centraal Grand Cafe & Tappery in Bay View

  • Aug. 11 – MKE Bluegrass with Joe & Jordan
  • Aug. 18 – The MilBillies
  • Aug. 25 – Andy & Rachel
  • Sept. 1 – MKE Bluegrass with Joe & Jordan
  • Sept. 8 – Smoke 'N Mirrors
  • Sept. 15 – MKE Bluegrass with Joe & Jordan
  • Sept. 22 – MKE Bluegrass with Joe & Jordan
  • Sept. 29 – MKE Bluegrass with Joe & Jordan

Mequon Balcony Music Series

4-6 p.m. at Cafe Hollander in Mequon

  • Pat Dermody of Burgundy Ties each Wednesday through Sept. 30

Jazz in the Park ... ing Lot

6-8 p.m. at the Lux Container Bar outside Cafe Benelux in the Third Ward

  • Aug. 13 – Alyssia Dominguez
  • Aug. 20 – Kyle Feerick
  • Aug. 27 – Alyssia Dominguez
  • Sept. 3 – Alyssia Dominguez
  • Sept. 10 – Alyssia Dominguez
  • Sept. 15 – Smoke 'N Mirrors
  • Sept. 17 – Kyle Feerick
  • Sept. 22 – Smoke 'N Mirrors
  • Sept. 24 – MKE Bluegrass with Joe & Jordan
  • Sept. 29 – Smoke 'N Mirrors
  • Oct. 1 – Kyle Feerick

For more information, visit Lowlands Group's website.

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