By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 15, 2016 at 4:06 PM
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Thanks to Milwaukee Record, we now know about "They Didn't Do It," Brad Dassey's Christian rap track dedicated to his incarcerated half-brother Brendan. Apparently, however, that's just the tip of the "Making a Murderer" merchandise iceberg. The bizarre, creepy, horrifying merchandise iceberg. 

According to Yahoo!, there's a whole world of unofficial fan-spawned creations on Etsy for your perusal  and bafflement. For instance, there's this lovely "Making a Murderer" sticker pack. You, too, can decorate your laptop or notebooks with images of your favorite real-life "Making a Murderer" characters, like Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey – both convicted murderers and both included in the "Good Guys" sticker pack.

(PHOTO: Etsy)

Or perhaps you'd like this Avery's Auto Salvage T-shirt. Sweet reference to a place known almost solely because an innocent woman was brutally murdered, bro!

(PHOTO: Etsy)

You want a painting of new normcore icon Dean Strang to hang on your wall, show off to your friends for a laugh at a get-together and then take down in about a month when everyone's moved on to the latest hot viral story? Etsy has that (or did; it's now sold out. Drat!). That's in addition to the hefty supply of handmade Strang and Buting Valentine's Day cards to say to your dearest, "Hey, I love you, and I chose a reference to a documentary about a real-life brutal murder to express that love."

(PHOTO: Etsy)

OK, enough.

I know we all consumed and watched "Making a Murderer" like entertainment, but it's not. These are real people in a real story that is, above all else, a tragedy that ended a woman's life in horrific fashion. So the idea of treating the two men found responsible in a court of law for her murder – by a jury that saw more than a 10-hour Netflix documentary – like fun, ironic celebrities is beyond unsettling, even before you label the two as the "good guys" on a cutesy sticker pack. It's like that unofficial, fan-made "True Detective" season one shirt that read, "I Am The Yellow King," seemingly unaware that the wearer would be claiming to be a murderer and a rapist. 

And sure, there's a chance that Avery and Dassy are actually innocent and victims of a frame-up. But that doesn't make your handmade Steven Avery Valentine's Day card any less spine-chillingly casual. At best, you're giggling at a miscarriage of justice that took several years of two men's life, a sign of an intensely corrupt police department and a young woman's now unsolved murder. At worst, you're gigglingly glorifying two killers attempting to manipulate their way to freedom. Is your #trending Avery Auto Salvage t-shirt worth that?

It's no fun to be a pearl-clutching moral scold, and I myself enjoy some good black-hearted humor, some jokes to help the dark aspects of life go down just a little easier. But after spending the last several weeks squeamishly putting up with watching people go on a blurry-eyed crusade to free two convicted killers – based on a overtly subjective documentary whose case grows weaker and weaker with every passing day and every new report – this stuff is where I officially call foul.

Somehow, the "Making a Murderer" fandom has created something even more unsettling than anything in the actual documentary. So congratulations; now cut it out. 

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