By Press Release Submitted to Published Jun 12, 2017 at 9:31 PM Photography: Royal Brevvaxling

On Easter Sunday, Milwaukee musician Matthew Thomas Gonzales – aka "Matty Gonzales" or just "Matty G" – passed through Abu Dhabi to board a Royal Caribbean ship because he works for Waveguide Communications and was planning to provide cabling and wiring services on the cruise ships.

Gonzales was detained in the Abu Dhabi airport for having a prescription medication called Tramadol. He had the pharmaceutical due to chronic back and shoulder pain, but did not have the prescription with him, nor did he register the medicine prior to entering the country which is a requirement.

He was unaware of this requirement, but Gonzales was sent to prison in the desert of Abu Dhabi. Although he was able to provide a prescription and a doctor’s letter – as well as an endorsement from a court-ordered doctor in Abu Dhabi – he was declared innocent for possession and usage.

However, Gonzales was still sentenced to two years in prison. Gonzales’ appeal date in July 30, but it is believed he could be released on or before June 25, which is the last day of Ramadan. Ramadan is a holiday that judges will take a month-long break afterwards.

Because Donald Trump welcomed Mohamed Bin Zayes Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince, it is believed he or someone from his staff could make a phone call to request his deportation.

Contact senators, state representatives and the US embassy in Abu Dhabi to request they litigate on Gonzales’ behalf.

Contact here, and use the hashtag #freematty