By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jan 05, 2016 at 1:26 PM
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Unless you passed out through Christmas break from an eggnog overload – and even then, your unconscious mind probably still picked up some of the social media rumblings – you know "Making a Murderer" quickly exploded into a phenomenon, causing days lost binge-watching the mini-series, heated social media debates, crashed Yelp pages and at least two petitions – one on and another to the White House – seeking Steven Avery's freedom.

And now, we've reached the inevitable next step of the pandemonium: spoofs, starting with Seth Meyers on last night's episode of "Late Night." The clip – from "Making a Talk Show Host" – follows a phone call between a wildly Avery-bearded Meyers and his producer, talking in circles about having to go back to work after break with that thick Sconnie-ese dialect that's become so popular thanks to the documentary series (by the way, get excited for the other 49 states to think we all talk and live like that). 

Considering the brevity of the clip and the lack of anything other than fake phone calls and some B-roll, it certainly feels like something quickly whipped up to capitalize on the show's insane popularity. But hey, it's still a fairly amusing clip, and props to Meyers for a pretty strong Sconnie accent, for being the first to strike the spoof iron and for finding a decent comedic angle on the doc – which is still a real story involving a person's tragic murder. 

And I hope you're not sick of "Making a Murderer" yet, because there's gonna be a whole lot more of these spoofs to come while this viral sensation's iron is hot – some maybe better, most guaranteed to be much, much worse. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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