By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 09, 2021 at 5:01 PM

As all the burned loaves of sourdough can attest, everybody's been cooking more thanks to staying inside and occupied during the ongoing pandemic – and that includes Michelle Obama, who revealed a new cooking show for kids, "Waffles & Mochi," debuting on Netflix next month.

The deliciously titled program will star two adorable puppet friends whose dreams of becoming chefs take a whimsical turn when they're hired by a magical supermarket – run by Obama herself, testing out her acting chops playing the grocery store's owner – that sends them on adventures across the globe, learning about other cultures and cuisines with a bunch of tasty recipes you can try at home along the way. 

"In many ways, this show is an extension of my work to support children’s health as First Lady – and to be quite honest, I wish a program like this had been around when my girls were young," wrote the former First Lady in her announcement posts on social media. "I also know that this is a difficult time for so many families, and I’m hopeful that this delightful show can bring a bit of light and laughter to homes around the world."

In addition to supplying viewers young and old with new kitchen know-how, according to Obama's post, "Waffles & Mochi" will also team up with Partnership for a Healthier America "to get fresh ingredients to families in need across the country so they can cook together at home."

The show marks the latest work from the Obamas' Higher Ground production company. Launched in 2018 at Netflix, the company's developed three documentaries – "Becoming," "Crip Camp" and the Oscar-winning "American Factory" – as well as "The Michelle Obama Podcast" on Spotify.

It looks cute – as one who grew up with "Sesame Street" and "Zoboomafoo," Muppet-y puppets will always be charming – and food shows have been a delightful and soothing balm during this strange-at-best year, so "Waffles & Mochi" sounds like a brilliant idea. (Plus, it's making me crave both waffles and mochi – a very tasty problem to have.) And maybe I'll finally learn how to make something beyond Hot Pockets and expertly cooked boxed mac 'n' cheese!

The show debuts on Netflix on March 16. As for food shows to binge before then, check out this list of m'm m'm good options.

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