By Drew Olson Special to Published May 31, 2009 at 2:23 PM

Every time the Brewers play a day game with the roof open at Miller Park, the hitters are always wary of what the shadows do to sightlines.

Fans, meanwhile, are wary of what it does to the temperature.

Spectators on the third-base side and in left field are enjoying a tropical atmosphere and probably lamenting their failure to bring sunscreen to the park.

On the first-base / right field side, it's a different story.

The gametime temperature was 59 degrees. In the sun, it's pleasant. In the shade, which as you can see from the picture is enveloping much of the ballpark, it's downright chilly.

Time for the disclaimers:

It's not frigid. If folks are dresssed appropriately, then it's more than tolerable. The people in shorts and T-shirts, though, are a bit uncomfortable.

We waited a long time for a sunny Sunday baseball game with the roof open. Then again, tomorrow is June 1 and it's not too much to ask that folks sitting outside direct sunlight could be in comfort.

Miller Park has made local baseball fans pretty wimpy and spoiled. The Brewers are in a no-win situation with the roof on days like today. If they close the roof, people complain about them wasting a sunny day. If they leave it open, some fans may grumble about being chilly.

With any luck, weather won't be an issue when the Brewers return from the week-long trip that starts tomorrow.

We're due for some warmer temperatures. Even Summerfest was chilly last year. Mother Nature owes us one.

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