By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 20, 2021 at 8:46 AM

Just about everyone – from basketball experts and legends, to people who've never watched the game before now – has weighed in on tonight's gigantic NBA Finals Game 6 between the Bucks and Suns. But now we have the most important take: the Milverine.  

WTMJ4's Tom Durian happened to catch the unofficial city mascot – real name, John Hamann – last night walking Downtown past Deer District. After giving him the official Milwaukee greeting – "Bucks in six" – Durian and Hamann got to chatting about tonight's big game, including an official Milverine prediction. 

Whoa, that wasn't just a prediction. Milverine went full Van Gundy and busted out some NBA factoids along the way! Indeed, the Portland Trail Blazers pulled off the same manuever the Bucks are hoping for tonight, coming back from 0-2 to win four straight games in the 1977 Finals to beat the Philadelphia 76ers. (It's only happened once since – in 2006 with the Wade-Shaq Miami Heat coming back from two games down to win four straight over the Dallas Mavericks.)

Anyways, Game 6 now has the Milverine's blessing – but I'm still going to spend the rest of the day vomiting from nervous excitement. That's probably too much info – but for exactly the right amount of info, check out our Bucks page where you'll find details for Deer District's viewing party, Bucks history, celebrity fans, a streaming guide and much more. BUCKS IN SIX! (*resumes breathing heavily into paper bag*)

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