By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 19, 2020 at 1:01 PM

We're now about knee deep into the 2020 all-virtual Milwaukee Film Festival – but we're also now well past halfway through OnMilwaukee's dining month. If only there was some way to combine these two events into one movie recommendations article.

That's right: Today's themed three to see is all about food, from delicious pastries to an intense educational cooking program that's even hotter than the ovens and a thoughtful rom-com that happens to be based around some important meals. Here is a trio of cinema worth snacking on this MFF Monday. (And if you can't get to these films today, good news: Since the festival is all virtual, these films won't hit their expiration date until midnight on Oct. 29!)

"Stage: The Culinary Internship"

Watch so much "Chopped" that you know they should never use the ice cream maker? A member of the fan club for everyone who's ever been on "The Great British Baking Show"? Then check out "Stage: The Culinary Internship," a look inside a real pressure cooker of a culinary experience, with 30 interns taking on a nine-month apprenticeship in one of the world's most popular molecular gastronomy restaurants. The prize? For the young chefs, an incredible learning experience unlike any other, guiding them to the next level of their careers – and for you, a delectable documentary in the vein of festival favorite "Somm" to watch. 

"The Donut King"

Who doesn't love donuts? No, really – who? I want names. But while my investigation continues on, feel free to investigate this documentary for yourselves, telling the true story of a 77-year-old immigrant refugee from Cambodia who found a passion for pastry that he turned into a life's work in America. It's a bright, sweet story told in bright, sweet fashion with colorful animation – but unfortunately, you'll have to bring your own doughnuts. 

"Breaking Fast"

Why just have a meet-cute when you can have a meal-cute? That's the pun I've put at the center of "Breaking Fast," a romantic comedy about Mo, a recently dumped doctor, and Kal, a guy from an intense military family, who begin connecting and falling in love over the course of daily fast-breaking meals throughout Ramadan. A cute romance viewing the world through a gay Muslim American's lens, it's a light snack of a movie that offers plenty to chew on at the same time. 

Day 4 picks

  • "The Last Out"
  • "Golden Arm"
  • "The Legend of Baron To'a"

Day 3 picks

  • "Small Town Wisconsin"
  • "Real Soul: A Gospel Music Story"
  • "The Milwaukee Show"

Day 2 picks

  • "Summertime"
  • "We Don't Deserve Dogs"
  • "Jumbo"

Day 1 picks

  • "I Used to Go Here"
  • "Black Bear"
  • "Down a Dark Stairwell"

For more of my picks, check out my 10 MFF must-sees – and for the entire lineup of options, click here or visit Milwaukee Film's website, where you can also buy individual tickets and full-festival passes as well as find tips and tricks to streaming this year's festival. Stay tuned to more movie picks throughout the two-week festival, both on OnMilwaukee and during Facebook Live videos. And, most importantly, enjoy the show(s)!

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