By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Oct 29, 2020 at 2:01 PM

Somehow, the Milwaukee Film Festival is already over. 2020 has seemed to last forever, but sure, the Milwaukee Film Festival feels like it lasted three days – that's fair. 

But while the passage of time and the way we process it may be cruel and uncaring, Milwaukee Film and we care about you – and, most importantly, your entertainment needs. So here are three final picks for the last day of the film festival, featuring Sundance favorites, a true story right from Sconnie and a movie about a groundbreaker from a groundbreaker. Remember: You have until midnight to watch! (Pst! Except in the case of "The Donut King," a previous three-to-see pick that will stream on Milwaukee Film's Sofa Cinema virtual platform starting Friday. So stay tuned for that – and hopefully other best of fest selections.)

But with no further ado, here are the final three to see on this curtain-closing Milwaukee Film Festival day.

"The Reason I Jump"

Several years ago, the Milwaukee Film Festival brought in a documentary called "Notes on Blindness," about an author's descent into losing his sight and trying to conveigh that experience on film. It was a documentary that really stuck with me – so when I heard about "The Reason I Jump," which takes a similar experiential approach toward capturing the world through the eyes of those with autism, I was very intrigued, even more so when it scored raving reviews from critics out at the Sundance Film Festival for its graceful and inventive approach to its subject. It should definitely be a memorable option to end your festival on.


A harrowing documentary about how women are left out of the debate about their own bodies and decisions, Jo Ardinger's debut feature film heads right in our own backyard – Medford, Wisconsin – to find the story of a woman who discovers that, while in protective custody, here unborn fetus is granted an attorney but she somehow is not. 

"The Perfect Candidate"

If you're looking for the perfect candidate to end your Milwaukee Film Festival, look no further than ... "The Perfect Candidate." Coming from renowned Saudi director Haifaa al-Mansour (the country's first female director with "Wadjda" in 2012 before moving on to the Netflix film "Nappily Ever After" and TV gigs with "The Society" and "The Good Lord Bird"), "The Perfect Candidate" follows a Saudi doctor who, fed up with the busted road in front of her hospital, decides to run for office despite pressure from the townspeople who would rather she stay in her place. A well-reviewed drama about taking action and making change for equality and a better society – directed by a woman who did exactly that!

Day 14 picks

  • "The Twentieth Century"
  • "To the Ends of the Earth"
  • "Lapsis"

Day 13 picks

  • "Made in Bangladesh"
  • "Softie"
  • "Crestone"

Day 12 picks

  • "Marona's Fantastic Tale"
  • "Son of the White Mare"
  • "Shorts: Let's Get Animated"

Day 11 picks

  • "Dramarama"
  • "Alice Junior"
  • "Dinner in America"

Day 10 picks

  • "Stop Making Sense"
  • "Ema"
  • "Dark City: Beneath the Beat"

Day 9 picks

  • "Coming Clean"
  • "Coded Bias"
  • "The Capote Tapes"

Day 8 picks

  • "Billie"
  • "House of Cardin"
  • "Chuck Berry"

Day 7 picks

  • "Finding Yingying"
  • "Martin Eden"
  • "About Endlessness"

Day 6 picks

  • "Ringolevio"
  • "Never Too Late: The Doc Severinsen Story"
  • "Us Kids"

Day 5 picks

  • "Stage: The Culinary Internship"
  • "The Donut King"
  • "Breaking Fast"

Day 4 picks

  • "The Last Out"
  • "Golden Arm"
  • "The Legend of Baron To'a"

Day 3 picks

  • "Small Town Wisconsin"
  • "Real Soul: A Gospel Music Story"
  • "The Milwaukee Show"

Day 2 picks

  • "Summertime"
  • "We Don't Deserve Dogs"
  • "Jumbo"

Day 1 picks

  • "I Used to Go Here"
  • "Black Bear"
  • "Down a Dark Stairwell"

For more of my picks, check out my 10 MFF must-sees – and for the entire lineup of options, click here or visit Milwaukee Film's website, where you can also buy individual tickets and full-festival passes as well as find tips and tricks to streaming this year's festival. Stay tuned to more movie picks throughout the two-week festival, both on OnMilwaukee and during Facebook Live videos. And, most importantly, enjoy the show(s)!

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