By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 04, 2018 at 4:26 PM Photography: David Bernacchi

It's end of the year awards season: the Golden Globes, top 10 lists, the Lyfties, the Oscars ... oh what, you haven't heard of the Lyfties? 

For the fourth year, ride-share company Lyft has announced its "Lyftie" award winners, aka the most popular and most visited destinations in each of the cities and markets it services.

Here are Milwaukee's most popular spots to make a stranger drive you to in 2018.

  • Most Visited Bar/Brewery: Lakefront Brewery
  • Most Popular Concert Venue: BMO Harris Bradley Center
  • Most Visited Fitness Studio: Wisconsin Athletic Club
  • Most Visited Brunch Spot: Cafe Benelux (the Third Ward location)
  • Most Visited Late-Night Restaurant: Brothers Bar & Grill
  • Most Visited Late-Night Neighborhood: Haymarket
  • Only in Milwaukee: Miller Park 

Well, there's definitely going to be a new winner in the Most Popular Concert Venue category next year! Otherwise, save for Haymarket scoring so high as the Most Visited Late-Night Neighborhood (never underestimate Bucks traffic!), there's no major surprises here. Benelux has always been a popular brunch spot (with or without its new domes), Lakefront Brewery has made itself one of the city's hottest spots for multiple reasons – tours, fish fries or just enjoying a beer – and Brothers makes all-too-much sense as a ride-share spot, considering its popularity as well as Water Street's general popularity amongst younger bar hoppers. 

Anyways, congrats to the winners – and remember to be a winner as well by calling a Lyft or Uber instead of driving to all your Christmas parties and New Year's coming up soon. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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