By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 28, 2016 at 3:36 PM Photography: Lori Fredrich

Christmas has come early for Milwaukee, as Vogue Magazine very nicely gifted the city a glowing profile in its recently posted travel article, "5 Industrial Cities Making America's Rust Belt Shine Again." And while some may scoff at still being umbrella-ed under the Rust Belt name, the article – from its first sentence – is in the business of showing this area "no longer lives up to its moniker."

As for Milwaukee, the piece says:

"Located on the western shores of Lake Michigan and often called the beer capital of the world, Milwaukee is much more than its Pabst and Miller roots. Discover how America’s Dairyland is playing host to an emerging culinary and microbrewery culture, rivaling even the largest of its city neighbors."

The article – as it does for all five cities – goes on to highlight some cool, hip places to stay (like The Iron Horse and The Kimpton Journeyman), things to eat and drink (from Anodyne to Sanford and Bryant's) and sites to see (the Harley-Davidson Museum and the Pabst Mansion).

The guide hits on several of the obvious picks – the Art Museum, natch – but props for digging into some deeper cut picks for the gallon of microbreweries it writes up. And it's nice to read something about Milwaukee's culinary scene that's not just, "They sure do like cheese and sausages up there!" (not that there's anything against cheese and sausages, obviously – and plus I wonder if the Venn diagram of Vogue readers and avid cheese curd fans has much overlap). 

Take a look at the piece to see what else they have to say about Milwaukee, plus the other four showcased cities: Pittsburgh, the Cincinnati/Covington area, Detroit and ... Chicago? Truly a hidden gem among the Rust Belt. Nice to see such an unheralded city finally get some attention.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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