By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 22, 2014 at 11:12 AM

Call it a sign of the economy. Call it a part of Downtown's urban renaissance. Call it a smart dining idea. Whatever the driving force behind it, there's no denying that Food Trucks rule the scene in metro Milwaukee.

Here at, we're delighted to see all sorts of new trucks and street vendors popping up on the streets of Brew City. From pizza to pitas, crepes to tacos, the hungry lunch (and bar time) crowd has more options than ever.

As the popularity of food trucks grows, we’ll be ready with updates… and our own wishlist for what’s coming next. Anyone else hoping for mobile cupcakes?

Want to know where your favorite food trucks are set up today? Check out our Food Truck Locator for continuous updates!

American Euros

American Euros on Facebook
The cleverly-named American Euros cart hit the streets of Milwaukee five years ago and owners Mark Miller and Chad Mydlowski keep it fairly simple. Customers choose from chicken or lamb – or a combo of both – marinated in a homemade broth and carved fresh daily at their service kitchen in West Milwaukee. They also offer specialty pita sandwiches and doner kebabs, "the best sandwich you never heard of."  The American Euros cart location changes daily. 

Beef-E’s on Facebook
There’s no need to head down to Chicago for authentic Italian beef sandwiches when you can get them right here in Milwaukee. Choose from the Classic Italian beef; The Beef-E-Man, an Italian beef with Italian sausage; The Italian Stallion, an Italian beef and Philly cheese steak hybrid; the Brew City Beef with melted cheese curds and bacon; the Stallis with southwest ranch sauce; and Judy’s Pot Roast with mashed potatoes, carrots, onions and french-fried onions. All sandwiches are served with juice "on the side," "poured on," or "dipped" and come with a choice of hot or mild house-made giardiniera for no charge.  

Bubble Tea Fusion
Bubble Tea Fusion on Facebook
Looking for a nice, cool and delicious drink on a hot summer day in the Brew City? Bubble Tea Fusion offers a variety of bubble teas, fruit smoothies, and flavored ice teas. For bubble teas, you have the option to choose a single flavor or a two flavor combo. Are you also feeling a little hungry? The truck also offer spring and egg rolls, Asian hoagies and a rotating menu that includes a roasted beef hoagie, chicken teriyaki, fried rice, pad thai, vegetable stir fry, sweet steam pork buns and taro buns. 

Buddha's BBQ
Buddha's BBQ on Facebook
Buddha's BBQ brings a bit of heat and Southern smoked flavor to Milwaukee. The truck serves lunch every week day and late nights on weekends, serves spare ribs (three-four bones), 1/2 and full slab of barbecue ribs, rib tips, slow cooked pulled pork, beef brisket, Mississippi steak (a thick slab bologna) and hot dogs. My mouth is already watering. Go here for the truck's location schedule. 

Bun Me
Bun Me on Facebook
Bun Me is a food truck selling variations on banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwich. The truck sells three kinds: salty-sweet pork belly, and chicken or a seasoned soy-based vegetarian version dressed with lemongrass or peanut sauce. The sandwiches are topped with marinated daikon and carrot, cilantro, jalapeño and a long slice of cucumber for traditional banh mi flavors. At lunchtime, Bun Me usually is at Water and Buffalo streets in the Third Ward on Mondays and Fridays and in front of the U.S. Bank Building, 777 E. Wisconsin Ave., on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The truck is also at North and Farwell avenues around bar time Fridays and Saturdays. 

Burgermeister Truck
Burgermeister Truck on Facebook
There's nothing better than a great, juicy burger. Burgermeister, a food truck that made its debut earlier this summer, offers burgers of all kinds. The truck also serves grilled mahi mahi in Cajun spices and Chicago style hot dogs. The burgers are served with the truck's own potato chips, fries, and a drink. 

Chameleon Mobile Cuisine
Chameleon on Facebook
Dave Jurena of the Soup Market is behind the swiftly moving Chameleon, so named because it will adapt to its surroundings. It’s ever-changing menu includes signature soups, sandwiches, and comfort food favorites like barbecued pork sandwich with chips and slaw and white cheddar mac and cheese with grilled chicken, roasted poblanos and bacon. 

Eats & Treats Truck
Eats & Treats on Facebook
Eats & Treats is a local Milwaukee based food truck that's been in service for over 25 years. Famous for their waffle dog -- which is skewered and dipped in batter before going into a specially shaped waffle maker. The truck also offers other waffle-coated variations including waffle sausage, waffle bacon and the waffle beer brat. 

El Charrito Taco Truck
This taco truck offers a wide range of authentic street tacos, from beef tongue to chorizo, tripe, chicken and asada-stuffed tacos. You can find them parked across from Koz’s Mini Bowl on South 7th Street. They’ve also been spied on 6th and Becher and 23rd and National.

The Fast Foodie
It’s something like a pita, but maybe more like a tortilla … but it’s always filled with goodness. But, no matter which way you look at it, world-cuisine-inspired Globacos are food in portable packages! Choose from the Jamaican Me Crazy, the Hahny Hahny, The Big Sexy or the Sexy Veggie, along with homemade potato chips seasoned with globally inspired "love dusts." Naked bowls are available for those who wish to skip the bread altogether. 

Fresh Farm Bowls
Fresh Farm Bowls on Facebook
The focus of Fresh Farm Bowls is fresh produce and real ingredients. According to the website, this is "street food at its finest" that comes straight from the farm and into your bowl to enjoy. Although the food truck won't hit the streets until next spring, Fresh Farm Bowls will be appearing at different events this summer for people to try samples. 

Fivestar Nacho
Fivestar Nacho on Facebook
Get your nacho fix with the help of Fivestar Nacho. Their offerings include your choice of rice, along with roasted garlic pork, marinated ground beef, spicy grilled chicken, or grilled vegetables. Toppings include lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, slaw and Fivestar cream, a cross between sour cream and creme fraiche augmented with a bit of citrus. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request.  In addition to the usual, the truck also offers daily specials like chorizo and egg, duck confit, Korean chicken, herb marinated lamb and honey barbecue pulled pork. 

Flying Cow Pizza
Flying Cow on Facebook
The Flying Cow Pizza Truck sports a mobile wood fired pizza oven that pumps out amazing, bubble-crusted Napolitana style pizzas. The truck offers a weekly special, along with six core pizzas, including a classic Margherita with fresh mozzarella, basil and San Marzano tomato sauce; spinach-feta pizza with olive oil; and the Italian Stallion that has pepperoni, italian sausage, and pancetta (Italian bacon). The truck stops at the Lake Mills Farmers Market on Wednesdays. 

Fry Bread N Things
Fry Bread N Things on Facebook
It’s not common to find Native American fry bread in Milwaukee restaurants; however, it is possible to get it from a food truck. Chad Esser converted a shuttle bus into a food truck that specializes in fry bread. Try frybread tacos, fry bread with dipping sauces or dessert style fry bread. 

The Gouda Girls
Gouda Girls on Facebook

Specializing in grilled cheeses and friendly customer service, the Gouda Girls get it right every time. From their classic grilled cheese, to the award-winning Roma with slow roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and Asiago, to their fully loaded Wisconsin cheese steak, the Gouda Girls offer the most comfort you can find by the side of the road. They also make over 50 varieties of Rice Krispies treats, with three showcased each day on the truck. 

The Hard Wood Café
The Hard Wood Cafe contains an on-board smoker and grill. It offers everything from grilled burgers to pulled pork sandwiches and pork nachos. The Hog Wild, a combination of ham, bacon and pulled pork, is a specialty. French fries or sweet potato fries are available on the side, as well as "Pig Candy," chocolate chock-full of bacon and coconut. 

Hattie’s Gourmet Eats on the Go
Hattie’s offers a variety of sliders, including Philly cheesesteak, BBQ pork, jerk chicken with mango slaw, or meatball. When you’re finished with lunch, try any one of a tempting array of cupcakes or cheesecake lollipops, dipped in chocolate or rolled in toffee. 

House of Fries
House of Fries on Facebook
If you love fries, where is a better place to get them than the aptly named House of Fries? The truck sells paper cones of Belgian fries in three sizes: regular, large, and double. The fries, which are thicker and vary in length, are fried twice in vegetable oil for extra crispness. Of course, fries aren't complete without dipping sauces. The truck offers a small variety of free dipping sauces including ketchup (obviously), mustard, regular mayo, and Tabasco. Some dipping sauces will cost extra, though, such as roasted garlic mayo, mushroom mayo, parmesan mayo, blue cheese mayo, red pepper mayo, black truffle mayo and white truffle mayo. The truck also sells sausage that's marinated in Belgian beer and served with green peppers and onions on a roll.  

Juiced! Mobile Juice Bar
Juiced! on Facebook
Get Juiced! This truck on-the-go features fresh, made-to-order juices made from whole fruits and vegetables, as well as wheatgrass shots, protein powder add-ins, Macrobars, Anodyne coffee and Rishi Tea. Local and organic produce is used whenever available, and all products are 100 percent vegan and gluten-free.

Link Up Foodie
Link Up Foodie on Facebook
Link Up Foodie offers unique and quality cuisine to the streets of Milwaukee. Fresh ingredients are used to provide a great variety that includes lobster rolls, zesty Shazam! wings, Greek chicken wraps, Greek bowls, The Frogmore (a South Carolina stew consisting of turkey sausage, shrimp, golden potatoes, corn, and bayou seasonings), Serbian sausage, and key lime torte. What makes Link Up Foodie stand out from the others is that the company not only brings cuisine to the streets, but it also strives to develop entrepreneur foodies. 

Marco Pollo
Marco Pollo on Facebook

Marco Pollo, a food truck that made its debut this summer, offers five or six offerings of international chicken dishes per day, piled over jasmine rice and served with authentic sauces. The truck also features fried chicken and a daily selection of gourmet deviled eggs. 

Meat on the Street
Meat on the Street on Facebook
Meat on the Street offers Filipino infused grilled skewered meats such as chicken, pork, and beef. On the side, customers can order steamed white rice, garlic rice, or a rice noodle-vegetable dish. The truck will have specials such as adobo chicken or pork. 

Ofelia’s Food Truck
Authentic Mexican food from Milwaukee Waterfront Deli can be conveniently obtained from one of Ofelia's Mexican Food Carts.  Weather permitting, two carts operate from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. The carts serve Mexican favorites like tortas, tamales, tacos and burritos. Carts are normally located at the corner of Mason & Water, near the Waterfront Deli as well as at Van Buren and Wisconsin, in front of the U.S. Bank Building. 

Pete's Pops
Are you interested in trying an avocado popsicle? If so, make sure to find Pete's Pops, which made its debut this summer. It's understandable why the popsicle cart has been creating buzz. Made with fresh fruit, the popsicles will be available in a variety of unique flavors including avocado, pineapple jalapeño, strawberry basil and Arnold Palmer. 

Pita Bros.
Pita Bros on Facebook
Pita Brothers have been cruising around Milwaukee for five years now, offering a variety of grilled pita rolls on authentic Lebanese bread from their custom built electric vehicle. The truck's menu includes chicken bacon ranch, steak bacon ranch, buffalo chicken or steak, caesar chicken or steak, BBQ chicken or steak, BLT, falafel and fresh veggie. For a side, chips and a drink are available. 

Real Dogs
Also known as "the hot dog guy on Water and Wisconsin," this cart is one of the city's forerunners in street food options. Hot dog carts have since become common place in Milwaukee, but Real Dogs are legendary for both Downtown workers and passersby who have been enjoying the tasty products for more than a decade now. The dogs are reasonably priced, but the menu doesn't stop there. For a slightly more hearty meal, you might opt for a brat, or a knackwurst, or any of the temping Usinger's offerings, such as the Cajun andouille. 

Roll MKE
Roll MKE on Facebook

Roll MKE focuses on sandwiches. But, not just any sandwiches – an ever-changing menu of sandwiches which promise to "keep your tastebuds on their toes." Enjoy selections like banh mi pork belly sliders, brisket grilled cheese, quinoa chickpea burgers or bruschetta chicken.  All sandwiches come with hand-cut fries and a beverage. 

Simmer Truck
Simmer Truck on Facebook
"We love soup," is the motto of this colorful truck, which serves up some of the best soup in town, including minestrone, tomato basil bisque, Mongolian chicken, and potato leek. They also serve panini, stews, and "meals in a bowl." Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options abound. So, next time you have a hankering for soup, fill your belly curb-side. 

Streetza Pizza
Streetza Pizza on Facebook

One of the first food trucks to grace the streets of Milwaukee, Streetza Pizza is still going strong. The default locale of Streetza is the intersection of Water Street and Juneau Avenue, and they have more than 15 signature pizzas. Still, the truck is constantly serving new, creative daily specials, many of which have been suggested via text or tweet from customers. Streetza uses local and organic produce and meats to top cleverly-named pizzas, such as the "My Trip to Romania" slice, the WMSE 91.7 FM Meatball Logo" slice, or the "Brew Crew Sausage Race" slice, which piles all of the Klement's racing sausages on top of mozzarella cheese. 

Taqueria Arandas
Whether its parked near 37th Street and National Avenue, on 13th Street (near its permanent restaurant at 1531 W. Lincoln Ave.) or on 27th Street north of Oklahoma Avenue, the traveling Taqueria Arandas mobile is lovingly referred to as "the taco truck."  The tacos, which come in beef, steak, chicken and beef tongue, are hardly the only thing on the menu. The burritos, tortas and tostadas as just as good on the go as they are inside the sit-down restaurant. 

Three Stack Shack
Three Stack Shack on Facebook
The question is ... can Milwaukee handle a lot of smoked meats? The answer is most certainly yes. Three Stack Shack offers a menu that includes half and full rack of ribs, Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, hot smoked sausage sandwiches, spicy corn slaw, baked beans with bacon, and chipotle cheddar cornbread. 

Urban Caveman Truck
Urban Caveman on Facebook

Milwaukee’s first and only Paleo style food truck, Urban Caveman serves up "hunter gatherer" delights from their "Truckasaurus." Menu items include the Caveman Burger Bowl with a grass-fed beef patty served atop garlic mashed sweet potatoes and topped with a fried egg, the Texas Style Pulled Pork Sweet Potato, and Chocolate Coconut Bark. 

Velspresso on Facebook
Are you looking for something more local? Boost your morning with coffee from Velspresso. Other than coffee and tea, you can purchase tasty pastries from C. Adam's Bakery, bagels with cream cheese from Bruggers Bagels and Chocolates from Indulgence Chocolatiers. Many of the coffee and teas served are organic and are poured into a biodegradable cup. Velspresso is different than other food trucks in the city as it is pedal powered and was made with recycled parts and materials. 

Wicked Urban Grill
Wicked Urban Grill on Facebook
Want to find food that's wicked good? Then track down Wicked Urban Grill where owner Geoffrey Cooper, a former cook and baker at Walt Disney World, cooks meat over charcoal. Some of the meats on the menu include pork shoulder that's sliced for sliders, chicken wings, and kahlbi (a Korean grilled beef dish served with rice). 

YellowBellies on Facebook

This bright yellow truck sporting a wishbone specializes in rotisserie chicken sandwiches, but also makes a mean chicken salad and the signature soup is from-scratch chicken and dumplings. The truck also offers a vegan alternative to chicken.