By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 17, 2010 at 4:28 AM
Let's face it -- not everybody in Milwaukee qualifies as "hot" under the classic definition. But, everybody thinks they know what qualifies as hot.

The last time we published a "100 hottest list," we were deluged with reactions from readers. Some loved it. Some hated it. Some who weren't on the list wished they were, and some who made the list wished they hadn't.

As summer sizzles on, it's time to crank up the heat once again.

Using our own "research" and suggestions from trusted insiders, we came up with a list of people that we consider "hot."

Keep two things in mind: everyone on this list must be at least a little in the public eye; we're sure your mailman, veterinarian and your pool boy are hotties, but we've never met them. And, the names are listed in alphabetical order, so No. 18 isn't necessarily hotter than No. 78.

This list won't change the world (unless you're on it and are hoping for a date), but it's fun. We invite you to take a look and see how many of these beautiful people you recognize.

Let us know what you think, but take a look at our previous list before you tell us we forgot to put so-and-so on part two. And, if you didn't make the cut, don't worry, we're already collecting names for the sequel to the sequel.

  1. Will Allen, Growing Power CEO
  2. @Bananza, blogger/Twitter maven
  3. Bevan Baker, Milwaukee commissioner of health
  4. Billy Judge Baldus, lead singer of Uncle Larry
  5. Tisha Barnes, Karma Salon and Spa owner
  6. Reginald Baylor, artist
  7. Jessica Bell, Midwest Wine School proprietor
  8. Kate Bilo, Brewers meteorologist
  9. Kate Blake, owner of shoo
  10. Kate Borders, East Town Association director
  11. Jon Brockman, new Bucks forward
  12. Timothy Campbell, R&B singer
  13. Yuki Clark, Milwaukee Ballet dancer
  14. Shelby Croft, WISN-TV news reporter/anchor
  15. Melissa Czarnik, rapper
  16. Tim Dixon, Iron Horse hotelier
  17. Bishara Dorre, Bucks Energee! dancer and pageant winner
  18. Marcus Doucette, WYMS-FM (Radio Milwaukee) DJ
  19. Shari Dunn, WDJT-TV morning news anchor
  20. Genyne Edwards, Edwards Ingenuity, LLC and WOO Connections
  21. Susie Falk, CEO of The Falk Group PR firm
  22. Katie Felten, president of MKE Live
  23. Dan Fernandez, Kings Go Forth singer
  24. Raquel Filmanowicz, Milwaukee Health Department health operations administrator
  25. Ed Flynn, Milwaukee Police chief
  26. Marcelo Fontana, Wave player
  27. Sarah Foster, relationships columnist
  28. Sarah Gallenberger, artist
  29. Asa George, WDJT-TV anchor
  30. Danny Gokey, "American Idol" finalist and national recording artist
  31. Paul Hamm, Olympic gymnast
  32. James T. Harris, WTMJ-AM radio host
  33. Wendell Harris, NAACP vice president
  34. Joe Hite, piano player
  35. Michelle Hoff, co-owner of Ten Bells
  36. Arika Ikeler, Fashion Ninja owner
  37. Joe Inglett, Brewers utility man
  38. Melissa Jacobs, adult film star
  39. Jayk, singer-songwriter
  40. Brandon Jennings, Bucks point guard
  41. Tom Julio, photographer and bartender at Tonic Tavern
  42. Jessica Kaminski, freelance photographer
  43. Elizabeth Kay, WMYX-FM morning host
  44. Susan Kim, WTMJ-TV "Live at Daybreak" anchor
  45. Kramp and Adler, WLUM-FM morning show hosts
  46. Ashley Kumlien, runner and fundraiser
  47. Brian Lammi, sports agent
  48. Lauren Landa, Palomino bartender
  49. Lauren Leamanczek, WTMJ-TV reporter
  50. Erinn Lobdell, "Survivor" finalist and stylist
  51. Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers catcher
  52. Dave Luczak, WKLH-FM morning show host
  53. Laura Lutter, Alaa Reed owner
  54. Anna Lynett, Project Runway
  55. George Mallet, WTMJ-TV reporter
  56. Lisa Manna, former traffic reporter
  57. Scott Marshall, Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee director of development
  58. Favio Martinez, night club promoter
  59. Ryan Matteson, Muzzle of Bees blogger, Pabst/Riverside /Turner Hall publicist
  60. Adam McCalvy, reporter
  61. Wes McKane, WXSS-FM morning show host
  62. Sara Meaney, Comet Branding co-owner
  63. Loyal Mehnert, nominated for PETA's "Sexiest Vegetarian"
  64. Chellsie Memmel, Olympic gymnast
  65. Janel Meyer, Milwaukee PR person
  66. Kim Murphy, WITI-TV morning anchor
  67. Bjorn Nassett, hairdresser
  68. Rick Ness, .357 String Band
  69. Beth Nicols, Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District executive director
  70. Tiffany Ogle, WTMJ-TV "Morning Blend" co-host
  71. Diane Pathieu, WTMJ-TV reporter
  72. Chip Paulsen, president of the Tool House in New Berlin
  73. Justin Perkins, musician/producer/recording engineer
  74. Pezzettino, musician (aka Margaret Stutt)
  75. Michael Pink, Milwaukee Ballet director
  76. Sarah Platt, WITI-TV reporter
  77. David Pritchard, personal trainer 180 Fitness
  78. Jen Puente, Wisconsin State Fair Sponsorship Director
  79. Rachel Rose, WYMS-FM (Radio Milwaukee) music director and DJ
  80. Brandon Rowe, WKLH traffic reporter
  81. Sara, Energee dancer
  82. Sarah, WHQG-FM (The Hog) "Rock Girl"
  83. Alison Sherwood, JSOnline blogger
  84. Joe Sorge, AJ Bombers, Swig, Water Buffalo owner
  85. Heidi Spencer, musician
  86. John Steinmiller, Jr., Brewers media relations manager
  87. Heidi Sterricker, United Adworkers executive director
  88. Kyle Stoehr, president of Oconomowoc Manufacturing
  89. Mary Stoker Smith, WITI-TV reporter/Miss Wisconsin 1996
  90. Harris Tan Lo, real estate developer
  91. Terminskater, Brew City Bruiser
  92. David Todd, Public Allies director of sponsorship
  93. Jennifer Tomazic, WDJT-TV reporter
  94. Dr. Natasha Travis, Medical College of Wisconsin assistant professor
  95. DA Wallach, Chester French singer
  96. Pat White, former Wave player and owner of Fifth Ward Pub
  97. Autumn Whitlow, bartender at The Estate
  98. Brett Wiesner, Wave player
  99. Adam Werther, Adambomb Gallerie owner
  100. Dashal Young, Milwaukee County community relations director