By Sid McCain Special to Published Apr 23, 2014 at 4:18 PM

Making friends in a new town can be difficult. I am not saying Milwaukeeans are standoffish but they definitely run in cliques. Breaking into one of these social circles can be difficult but once you’re in, you’re in. 

Our friends The Colonel and Ms. Red seem to be a center for social activity. As I’ve said before, everyone has a nickname. It was at one of their notorious "Dinghy Parties" we got out first invite to a party outside of our current new Milwaukee social circle, which consisted of Win the bartender at The Highbury (he also works his magic at Club Garibaldi), MF Lee, Jim, Silky Pete and Bernard. 

But, back to the party invite. Of course this party was a brat party so we ventured out of Bay View to the land of dragons – that’s Bay View speak for anything south of Morgan Avenue or west of Howell. 

This being my first brat party, I was very excited – I mean what does one wear to such an occasion?  We arrived and the place was packed. We were greeted with hugs and brats – so there’s one catch here: I don’t eat pig (pigs are smart, Google it) – but nonetheless we had fun and we finally felt like we made some in roads into the social scene of Milwaukee. Guess it's all about the brats. Or, of course, as I like brats. 

Event socializing in Milwaukee is the best – be it the Bay View Bash, tailgating at a Brewers game – it's something you just don’t do at a Yankees game – or checking out some local music (something near and dear to my heart). 

You Milwaukeeans indeed live by the creed – go big or go home! Be it a beer chaser with your Bloody Mary, which also includes a beef stick, a shot of Powers with your beer or a roll of the dice for who buys the next shot. 

You, wonderful Milwaukeeans, put the D in drinking. All of which will be explored in another column coming very soon. Until then, cheers. 

Sid McCain Special to

Sid McCain began her career as a publicist working for Susan Blond.  

Over the years, she worked with most of the majors – Columbia, Capitol and Arista.  Sid spearheaded media campaigns for everyone from Iggy Pop to Coldplay.  As head of publicity for Richard Branson’s V2 records she was given the opportunity to manage V2 Records Canada, home to The White Stripes, Moby and Elbow.

Once V2 records closed its doors she found a new home at EMI Label Services in Canada and was then brought back to the New York. Her experience made her a natural to seek out label and artist opportunities for EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution.