By Princess Safiya Byers Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Published Dec 12, 2020 at 10:01 AM

Editor’s note: This story is part of an occasional Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service series that highlights groups and people worth knowing in Milwaukee. To nominate a person or a group, email and put "Spotlight" in the subject line.

Sherry Green first started baking to stay busy during the pandemic.

“I would make them, and people would comment and say, ‘Make me some cookies and I’ll pay you for them,’” she said. “Or they would reach out wanting to have them delivered.”

Now the 54-year-old Amani resident has started her own business. Sherry’s Chicago Style Butter Cookies LLC became official in mid-October.

It’s a labor of love for Green, who works as a special education teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools.

She said she started delivering cookies to people anonymously to help them get through the pandemic.

“I just wanted to provide a sweet treat to lift people’s spirits,” Green said. “And people started requesting to have cookies sent to loved ones with a card attached.”

Green received support through the Amani Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, which focuses on neighborhood safety, housing and economic development.


Helping rising entrepreneurs is part of the plan, said Denisha Tate-McAlister, the project director at the Dominican Center, 2470 W. Locust St. The center serves as an “anchor” for improvement efforts in Amani.


“We set her up with the Legal Aid Society, which is our partner organization,” said McAlister-Tate. “Some of their pro bono work includes helping people complete paperwork when launching businesses.”

Sherry’s Chicago Style Butter Cookies had its public debut at an end-of-summer event thrown in Amani.

“I didn’t even know I could be a business owner,” Green said. “Especially during a pandemic.”

A friend and customer of Green’s, Audrey Jamerson, said Green’s cookies stir up precious memories.

“These cookies remind of those made by my great-grandmother,” Jamerson said. “Like you can feel the love in them.”

Jamerson also blames them for causing her to gain weight during the pandemic.

“The first time I had them, I picked them up as curbside pickup,” Jamerson said. “I ate four cookies before I even got home.”

Want to try them?

To order cookies, you can call Green at 414-795-0273 or email her at