By Colton Dunham Staff Writer Published Nov 13, 2014 at 8:42 AM

From the probe landing on a comet for the first time ever (most definitely news) to Kim Kardashian's backside breaking the Internet (No ... just no), Wednesday was full of quality news.

However, there hasn't been anything more newsworthy than this (and please don't be overwhelmed by the sarcasm): According to an article on Media Milwaukee, UW-Milwaukee's Klotsche Center has banned sleeveless shirts because toned college students wearing them intimidate students who are new to college fitness. Essentially, the school took away the students' rights to bare arms. 

The fitness center passed this rule back in September, noting that all members who workout in the weight and cardio rooms must wear a shirt that "fully covers the back, shoulders, chest, stomach and sides."

That means that you can't show off and flaunt what you've earned, because, well, you might scare someone. 

Now, before you start flipping tables, here's a statement from Sara Luelloff, the fitness program director at UWM's Klotsche Center:

"This policy was created to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for our diverse university population to protect the health and safety of our members and to protect our equipment and upholstery." 

It seems logical. Banning sleeveless shirts assures to protect the health and safety of members and students as well as protecting their equipment ... wait, what?

Some students say they don’t care, but others are upset. One UWM student said, "I think that I can wear whatever I want without being sexualized."

Later in the article, university officials stated that the reasoning for the rule is because of a staph infection known as MRSA, that spreads by skin to skin contact. This would be understandable, if there had been previous cases of members and students getting infected from working out. There have been no known cases of infection at UWM. 

Luellof, however, revealed a much different reason for the ban: freshmen might be scared off of working out because of fit students wearing the sleeveless shirts.

"The policy started when we started getting complaints from people about the cut offs people were wearing in the fitness center where the upper body torso and chest was exposed and that can create intimidation for a lot of people who are new to working out," Luellof said. 

Here are a few things about the gym that I find more "intimidating" than sleeveless shirts and the people who wear them:

  1. Exercising
  2. Locker rooms
  3. Sweat (because sweat shows genuine effort)
  4. The weightlifting equipment
  5. Being sluggish, sweaty and generally exhausted in a room full of strangers
  6. Spotters who are untrustworthy
  7. The loud, obnoxious grunt of bodybuilders when they lift
  8. The gym itself

Maybe UWM will ban all of this, too, and the shirts were just the first to go.

Colton Dunham Staff Writer

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