By Anjl Rodee and Marilynn Mee Special to Published Jan 27, 2008 at 8:43 AM

Each week, local "women about town" Anjl Rodee and Marilynn Mee answer readers' questions about relationships, romance and whatever else is on your mind. They point out that this column is "for entertainment purposes only," but they mostly say that so they don't get sued. Send your questions to Anjl and Marilynn at

Dear Anjl and Marilynn,

I think your column is great. There is a girl at work who's really nice, she's hot, and she's single. We don't work in the same department, but we see each other in the building at least a couple of times a day. I think we have pretty much in common, and our conversations are starting to get a little flirty. What's your stance on dating a coworker?

Dear Soon to be Unemployed,

Marilynn: Let's get right to the bottom line here: what means more to you, your career or your sex life? Seriously, the first thing you need to do is go to your HR person or company handbook and see if there is a company policy about interoffice dating. You don't want to run the risk of one or both of you losing your jobs.

Anjl: Hmm, I'm torn here. I mean, sure you run the risk of this chick being a psycho ex-girlfriend down the road. But it seems to me that the workplace is a pretty common way to meet interesting people ...

MM: Not to mention, there will be a lot of gossip to share and you'll never have to explain what you do for a living.

If you decide to date in spite of company policy, you have to be really careful not to get busted out by a fellow employee.

AR: Or busted out by this girl, if you break up with her.

MM: Yeah. You should be really sure that she'd say yes before you ask her, or she could bust you out right away.

AR: OK, company policy aside. Is it OK to date a coworker? Probably depends on both your personalities. Take a look at your past relationships. Could you call any one of your former girlfriends and have a friendly, "What you been up to" chat? If your answer is "are you crazy" then you probably don't want to be dating anyone that you'll have to work with after the relationship is over.

MM: I'm sorry, but all I'm thinking of are the 800 cons. Of course, that could be based on my unsightly dating record in the past few years, which does not include any coworkers. Tonight's fling could be tomorrow's supervisor. What if you have a huge fight? What if you accidentally suffocate her cat?

AR: OK, slow down, Dwight Shrute. Let's just assume we're dealing with nice non-criminal types here. Arguments happen, and whether one party is on an office extension or at an off site location, other coworkers are probably only going to hear one side of it anyway.

I'll remind you of the tens of relationships right in your own office that are thriving happily.

MM: True, true. If you do decide to date and it turns into a relationship, discretion is a good idea. One day one of the women at work came in sporting a diamond engagement ring from a fellow coworker. We had no idea they were even dating!

AR: Aww, heck. If you care at all for your office-mates, share your stories. It beats trying to follow soap operas. Nothing beefs up company moral like knowing that your life is saner than the guy's in the next cubby.

MM: I'm sure she'd really appreciate your entire department knowing what noises she makes when she's sleeping.

AR: What she doesn't know won't hurt her. Just pray nothing goes out in the guise of a company memo. 

Anjl Rodee and Marilynn Mee Special to

Anjl Rodee is a jack of all things right-brained. After a variety of odd jobs, from singing telegrams to ballroom dance instructor to weekend overnight DJ on Lazer 103, Anjl earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Mary College and settled down to a nice career as an award-winning artist. At night Anjl can be found playing with a variety of local bands. She currently fronts a classic band called Radio Doctors, and plays bass and accordion with her friend Chris Demay.

Marilynn Mee has been a fixture on Milwaukee radio for most of her adult life. After a short stint on WQFM, she joined Lazer 103 at its inception. After several years as a Bob and Brian sidekick, Marilynn became midday host and music director, earning national recognition from the likes of Billboard magazine and Radio & Records. She is currently the midday host on 96.5 WKLH. Marilynn is a well-known animal lover, lending her name and free time to humane societies and animal rescue groups.

Anjl is a mother and grandmother and is in a committed relationship. Marilynn is single and mom to 2.5 dogs and a one-eyed cat. Anjl and Marilynn both hail from the greater Milwaukee area and have been best friends for 20 years.